How To Get Rid Of Flat Moles On Face Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Flat Moles On Face Naturally

Any piece of information describing how to get rid of flat moles on face, naturally, is of great importance.

This is because moles or flat moles are common and natural.

Most people find it, “ Disturbing,” especially when it appears on the face.


Moles are also known as, “ Nevi or Nevus.”
Infamously, it is referred to as a, “ Beauty mark.”

They are simply any tiny spherical growth on the skin.

These tiny growths are most times black or dark in colour.

In rare cases, they may blend in with your skin tone.

Moles are majorly caused by too much exposure to sunlight.

FLAT MOLES: Flat moles are simply moles found on the skin that are not, “ Raised.” I.e they are flat.

Flat moles just like moles can appear anywhere on the skin.

These moles are most times dark in colour, natural and should not hurt.

Flat Moles.




In this segment, I’ve listed and discussed a few natural products for flat mole removal.

1. Laser Skin Mole Removal Pen:


This is a Multi-purpose DIY( Do it yourself) Laser pen capable of removing flat moles, naturally.

Jarcy.C Laser pen emits a, “ LED concentrated Laser.”

This Laser pen is designed to:

• Get rid of flat moles by burning them off.

This process is painless, bloodless and would not leave behind an after scar.

• Remove skin tags, dark spots, warts and even tattoos.

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This Laser pen is rechargeable and has 9 different intensity levels.

Thus, it can be used at any time and for a variety of skin problems, respectively.

Asides from the aforementioned. This laser pen comes with a, “ High capacity battery.

Thus, can be used for at least 5 hours before recharging.

Jarcy.C Laser Skin Mole Removal Pen is available for purchase at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Haloderm Mole removal cream:

This is another good natural product for flat mole removal.

According to the producers. Visible results should be witnessed within, “ 7 to 10 days.”

Haloderm mole removal cream contains, “ Zinc Cloride, Blood root, Niticum acidum 10x, Glycerin, amongst other ingredients.

These ingredients would not only help get rid of flat moles. It is also effective for removing, “ Skin tags.”

You can purchase this Haloderm mole removal cream from this online store.

3. Dr. King’s mole removal Cream:

This mole removal product is one of the best in the market.

Dr. King’s mole removal contains, “ Lavander,
Castor, tea tree oils, other essential oils,” amongst other natural ingredients.

This mole removal cream is effective not only for flat mole removal. But, also for, “ Freckles and Blemishes.”

Dr. King’s mole removal cream can be gotten from this online store.


Any article with information on how to get rid of flat moles on face, naturally, would be incomplete without some “ Home remedies.”

But, it is important to note that;

• These home remedies are not scientifically proven.

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• These home remedies might harm the skin. Thus, should be used with caution.

A few of these home remedies are discussed below;

1. Banana Peels:

Banana peels are believed to be effective in getting rid of flat moles.

This ability is attributed to some nutrients it contains.

You can use this remedy by;

• Cutting a square shaped piece from a Banana Peel.

• Place on the flat mole, and hold it in place using a, “ Band-Aid.”

• Allow peel rest on the mole, “ Overnight.”

• Repeat this process, only 3 times, weekly.

2. Onion juice:

Onion juice is gotten from fresh onion bulb.

In this article, you would find clear instructions on how to make a fresh batch at home.

To use this remedy, simply:

• Massage onion juice on the flat mole for about 2 minutes.

• Allow it sit on flat mole for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Then rinse off using warm water.

• Do this only twice a week.

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