How To Remove Mole From Face


Most people with moles on their face, find it worrisome.

And the information below on how to remove mole from face would be a life saver to many.

Moles, also know as Nevi or Nevus is natural and in most cases are not a cause for concern.

And should in case you dislike how it looks on your face.

Getting it off, is completely okay.

In this piece, you would find:

• Skin care products for removing facial moles.

• Home remedies, which are supposedly effective for removing facial moles.

Let’s get right into it.


1. Jarcy.C Mole Removal Pen

This is a skin care product for removing facial moles.

And looking at the effectiveness and cost of this product.

It’s safe to say it’s the best skin care product for removing facial moles.

Jarcy.C pen;

• Uses a laser technology to safely remove facial moles.

This would be carried out in a safe, painless, odorless and scar free manner.

Especially, when it is used strictly as instructed.

• Is rechargeable. Thus can be used any day and any time.

• Comes with a high capacity battery. Thus should work for about 5 hours after charging.

• Has multiple purposes. Thus, can be used to treat skin spots, warts, tags, freckles.

For easy and safe purchase, visit the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Castor-Honey Mix

This is a hone remedy believed to be effective for removing facial moles.

But this remedy has not been scientifically proven to be safe or effective.

Thus, should be used with caution.

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For this remedy:

• Combine three drops of castor oil and three drops of honey.

A very effective castor oil brand, is this lanthome black castor oil.

• Mix thoroughly. Extract mixture using a cotton wool and place on the mole.

• Keep wool in place using a Band-Aid.

• Allow to rest for a maximum of 45 minutes. Take off band-aid and wash off using water.

• Repeat process once a day until you get desired results.

It is important to note that this remedy should only be used after conducting a, “ Skin patch test.”

3. Dr. King’s Mole Removal Cream

This is one of the best cream for facial mole removal.

Dr King’s cream:

• Is made with a blend of essential and carrier oils, amongst other ingredients.

And on penetrating into the skin, facial moles would become a problem of the past.

• Is multifunctional. Thus can be used to treat freckles and blemishes as well.

• Is widely believed to be very effective, but does not produce speedy results.

You can order and get more information about this product on Amazon.

4. Pine Apple Scrub

This is another supposedly effective remedy for removing facial moles.

Before using this remedy, ensure to carry out a skin patch test.

For this remedy, simply;

• Get a tiny slice of pine apple and gently rub it on the facial mole for two minutes.

• Allow juice rest on the mole for three minutes and then wash off using soap and water.

• Repeat this two times, per day.

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5. Dermabelix Mole Removal Cream

Visit Amazon to learn more and purchase this cream for facial mole removal.

In conclusion, after learning how to remove mole from face.

It is also important you know that not all facial moles should be removed from home or by you.

Removing cancerous skin moles by hand might be catastrophic.

Thus, I highly recommend you read this article to learn more about cancerous skin mole.

Before you leave, kindly;

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• Read more educative articles on skin related issues on the Skinol Cosmetics blog.

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