How To Remove A Mole At Home


I recently found out how to remove a mole at home.

And I decided to share that knowledge with you all.

Maybe it might be of help to one or two persons who find moles disturbing.

The information contained in this piece would be useful for those with either flat or raised moles.

Let’s get right into it.


Removing moles from the comfort of your home can be done using the;

• Several skin care products.

• Different home remedies.

A few of these solutions are listed and discussed below;

1. Jarcy. C Mole Removal Pen

When it comes to safe mole removal at home.

This laser pen is probably the best-known skin care product for that.

Jarcy. C Laser pen:

• Uses light technology to remove moles from the body.

And mole removal using this pen is safe, painless, bloodless, odorless and scar free.

• Is multifunctional. Thus asides from removing flat or raised moles.

It can also be used to remove skin tags, freckles, spots, and warts.

• Is rechargeable and has a high-capacity battery.

• Very effective, pocket friendly, easy, and safe to use.

Kindly visit the Skinol Cosmetics online store to order and get more information about this product.

2. Tea tree-Castor Oil Mix

This is a popular and supposedly effective remedy for skin mole removal.

And since this remedy has not been scientifically proven to be safe or effective.

It is advisable to use only after carrying out a skin patch test.

For this remedy, simply;

• Combine three drops of castor oil and a drop of tea tree oil in a bowl.

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Then mix thoroughly.

Use this plant home black castor oil. It is one of the best brands in the market.

• Extract the mixture using cotton wool and place it on the mole.

Hold wool in place using a Band-Aid.

• Allow the mix rest on the mole for a maximum of 45 minutes.

Then wash off using mild soap and water.

• Repeat this process four times a week.

3. Bio T Topical Ointment

This is one of the best skin care products for home mole removal.

It is made with some of the best natural herbs, mineral salt, and other ingredients.

These ingredients are designed to bring about quick and safe mole removal.

And asides from removing skin moles. You can also use this product to treat:

• Skin tags.

• Skin warts.

Visit Amazon to order and learn more about this product.

4. Potato Scrub

This is another supposedly effective remedy for removing moles at home.

For this remedy, you simply have to:

• Get a tiny slice of potato.

• Gently rub potato slice directly on the skin mole for 2 minutes maximum.

• Hold the potato slice in place using a Band-Aid.

• Allow it to rest on the mole for about an hour.

• Take off and wash off potato juice using mild soap and water.

• Repeat this process only four times a week.

Always remember to check for allergic reactions, by carrying out a skin patch test.

This should be done before using this remedy.

5. Pureauty Natural Mole Removal Cream

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You can purchase and get more information about this product on Amazon.

In conclusion, one part of the race is learning how to remove a mole at home.

The other part is knowing when to and when not to remove a mole.

It is important to note that moles should not just be removed.

As certain moles may be cancerous.

Thus, before attempting to remove that mole.

Read this article to find out If your mole is cancerous or not.

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