How To Remove A Raised Mole


Based on popular demand.

I’ve put together this article containing information on how to remove a raised mole.

A raised mole simply refers to, “ A raised spherical growth,” found on different parts of the body.

They are also called, “Beauty marks.”

But unfortunately, most people do not perceive them as such.

And if you fall within that category.

You are quite lucky!

As with the information contained in this piece, you should be able to:

• Remove a raised mole from the comfort of your home.

• Remove a raised mole quickly and safely.

Let’s get right into it.


Raised moles can be removed using either:

• Skincare products.

• supposedly effective Home remedies.

But, have not been scientifically proven to be.

In this section, I’ve listed and discussed the below;

1. Jarcy. C Mole Removal Pen

This is probably the best product for removing raised moles.

Jarcy. C mole removal pen:

• Is very effective and pocket friendly.

• Uses laser light technology to, “Burn off raised moles.”

You have nothing to fear.

As this would be carried out in a safe, painless, blood and scar-free manner.

• Is multifunctional. This can be used to treat: Skin warts, tags, spots, and freckles.

• Is rechargeable and has a high-capacity battery. This can be used whenever and wherever you wish.

Get this product at a discount from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Soda-Castor Oil Mix

This is one of many home remedies believed to be effective for removing raised moles.

For this remedy, you would need;

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• Half teaspoon of baking Soda.

• Castor oil: A very effective brand is this, “ Lanthome black castor oil.”

• A piece of cotton wool and Band-Aid.

Then, simply;

• Mix the baking Soda with 4 drops of castor oil.

• Apply the mixture on raised mole.

• Cover using cotton wool and secure using the Band-Aid.

• This is best done at night, as the mixture should rest on raised mole overnight.

• Wash off the next morning using warm water and soap.

• This should be for two days in a row, then take a day break.

Follow the format above until you get desired results.

This remedy should only be used after carrying out a skin patch test.

3. P.natural Skin Mole Cream

This is one of the best creams for raised mole removal.

P. natural cream is made with several natural ingredients.

These ingredients are not only meant to remove raised moles.

But, would also:

• Moisturize the skin.

• Keep the skin smooth and healthy.

You can purchase and learn more about this product on Amazon.

4. Coconut-Castor Mix

This is another supposedly effective remedy for removing raised moles.

This remedy involves;

• Combining a teaspoon of coconut oil, and 3 drops of castor oil.

• Apply the mix on the raised mole two times a day.

And continue until you get desired results.

This home remedy should only be used after conducting a skin patch test.

5. Haloderm Mole Removal

You can purchase and learn more about this product by visiting Amazon.

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In conclusion, while you learn how to remove a raised mole.

It is also important to study the raised moles before attempting to remove them yourself.

Certainly raised moles may be cancerous.

Thus, attempting to remove them at home, might be deadly.

A few symptoms to watch out for are listed below;

• Itchy or bleeding raised moles.

• Painfully raised moles.

• Changes in the size, color, and shape of the raised mole, amongst others.

You can learn more about this by reading this article.

Before you leave, kindly;

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