How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

How much does laser hair removal cost?

I received a lot of questions this week from customers. A common question was, “ How much does Laser hair removal cost?”

To answer that question, I’ve put together this article.

Despite the huge importance of human hair.

Hair sometimes appear in places where they are not wanted.

When this occurs, the person with this unwanted hair feels very uncomfortable and embarrassed.

For this reason, a number of skin care products or procedures have been created to deal with this.

One of which is the, “Laser hair removal.”


Laser hair removal is a, “ Non surgical procedure.”

This procedure involves using a high concentrated Laser to, “ Remove and prevent unwanted body hair.”

This procedure can be carried out on the, “ Chest, chin, Legs, arms, shoulder,” amongst others.

Laser hair removal is carried out under a, “ Qualified medical specialist.”


The cost of a laser hair removal depends on;

• The number of sessions.

• Body part(s) with unwanted hair.

• The volume of unwanted hair.

In the USA, the average cost of a laser hair removal per session stands at about,” $400 to $450.”

According to information from, “African online.”

In Lagos State, Nigeria. The average cost of a full body laser hair removal is , “ 350,000 Naira.”

And the average cost for the entire face and chest are, “ 70,000 and 90,000 Naira,” respectively.


Yes, there are cheaper alternatives to a laser hair removal procedure.

A few of these alternatives are listed and discussed below;

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1. IPL Permanent hair removal handset:

This is probably the best, “ Do it yourself,” hair removal product in the market.

IPL handset is approved the USA’s food and drug administration(FDA).

This permanent hair removal product uses an, “ Intense pulsed light,” to heat up hair follicles.

After this occurs, unwanted hair growth at any body part is, “ Cleared and prevented.”

With this product, visible results should be expected after, “ Six consistent usage.”

Unlike the laser hair removal procedure, this IPL handset:

• Is far more cheaper.

Since you only have to purchase this product once, and use as you wish.

Thus, no need for paying and booking multiple laser hair removal sessions.

• Is convenient and serves multiple functions.

This IPL handset m can be easily used by anyone without professional help.

And aside from removing and preventing unwanted hair growth. This handset has 5 different treatment settings.

Thus, it can also helps clear, “ Acne, Age spots, skin Blemishes, facial lines and wrinkles,” amongst others.

IPL Permanent hair removal handset can be purchased from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Hair Removal and Prevention Spray Kit:

This is another relatively cheap and effective hair removal product.

This hair kit contains the hair removal and inhibitor spray.

The sprays above are suitable for all body parts.

They also contain natural ingredients.

Thus, it does not cause skin irritation and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Both spray would work hand in hand to remove and prevent the growth of unwanted hair.

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hair removal kit can be ordered from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

3. 100 meters Depilatory paper wax strip:

This paper wax is available can be gotten from the skinol Cosmetics online store.

4. Nad’s 3 in 1 Hair Removal Butter:

You can be purchase this product from this online store.

5. Neomen Hair Removal Cream:

This cream is available for purchase at this online store.


Know the cost alone, should not be the only information to source for before undergoing this procedure.

Knowing the side effects of this procedure would help you make an informed decision.

Side effects of this procedure, includes;

• 1. Skin might swell, or have after scars.

•2.  Redness of the skin.

• 3. In rare occasion, blisters might appear.

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