How To Remove Moles From Face Naturally

How To Remove Moles From Face Naturally

The search for information on how remove moles from face, naturally as grown over the years.

This is because most people find the infamous, “ Beauty marks,” or, “ Moles,” embarrassing and worrisome.

Moles are simply those spherical growths on different parts of the body.

But, especially the face.

Moles are natural and should not hurt.

It is the aftermath of a number of factors. But most especially, “ Excessive exposure to sunlight.”

In our last article, we discussed about how to remove flat moles on the face, do check it out.

Face Mole.



Face Mole.




There are a good number of natural skin care product that can help remove face moles.

A few of these products are listed and discussed below;

1. Laser Skin Mole Removal Pen:

This product is probably the DIY( Do it yourself) product for removing face mole, naturally.

Laser pen emits a, “ Multi-purpose LED concentrated Laser.”

The emitted Laser would help:

• “ Safely burn off,” face moles without any form of pain, bleeding or after scars.

• Remove dark spots, skin tags, warts and even tattoos, “ Painlessly, with no bleeding or after scars.”

Other amazing features of this Laser pen, includes:

• It is, “ Rechargeable.” Thus, can be used at any time, with or without power supply.

It also has a, “ High capacity battery.” Thus, it can be used, continuously , for about five hours.

• Due to it ability to carry out multiple functions.

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It has 9 different intensity levels. With each suitable for different skin problems.

Laser Skin Mole Removal Pen can be ordered from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Mole Wart Vanish:

This is a good quality cream for face mole removal.

Mole Wart vanish contains, “ Cashew, Fig Celandine plant extracts, Zinc butter, Lemon, blood roots ” amongst other ingredients.

These ingredients would help remove face moles with little to no after scars.

Mole Wart Vanish is available for purchase at this online store.

3. SkinPro Intense Mole Corrector:

This Intense Mole Corrector is one of the best product for face mole removal.

Ingredients contained in this product includes, “ Glycolic and Salicylic acids, Squalene,” amongst other quality ingredients.

With these ingredients, face moles would become a problem of the past.

SkinPro Intense Mole Corrector can be purchased online from this store.

4. Organic Tags Solution serum:

This is also another effective serum for face mole removal.

Organic tag solution serum contains, “ Papaya leaf extract, Zinc, Acidophilus,“ amongst other ingredients.

This ingredients on penetrating the skin would help clear face moles.

Organic tag solution serum is available for purchase at this online store.


Teaching you how to remove moles from face, naturally, would be incomplete if I fail to include some, “ Do it yourself remedies (DIY).”

Although the home remedies below are believed to be effective.

They have not been, “ Scientifically proven.”

And if these remedies are not used with caution, It may harm the skin.

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1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

This is a popular DIY remedy for face moles.

To use this remedy, simply;

• Dip a cotton wool into a bowl containing ACD.

• Place on top of the face mole. Then hold in place using a, “ Band-Aid.

• Allow to rest on the face mole for a minimum of 4 hours.

• Take off and wash your face using warm water.

2. Garlic:

This is another popular DIY remedy.

You can apply this remedy by;

• Blending clove of garlic with a food processor to form a paste like substance.

• Apply garlic paste on mole. Place a cotton wool on top of it.

Then hold cotton wool in place using a, “ Band-Aid.”

• Allow to rest for a minimum of five hours or overnight.

• Repeat this process only 3 times, a week.

3. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is believed to be effective for clearing face mole.

Using this recipe involves:

• Dipping a cotton wool into a bowl containing lemon juice.

• Place on top of the face mole. Then hold it in place using a, “ Band-Aid.”

• Allow remedy rest on face mole for a minimum of 15 minutes.

• Do this only once a day.

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