Hair Transplant Before and After Pictures and Success Stories

hair transplant before and after
before and after hair transplant surgery. Image credit:

      This article takes a closer look at hair transplant before and after it occurs, success stories and possible complications.

    The importance of human hair cannot be over emphasized. This is because the position, type and style of hair plays a huge role in determining an individual’s facial appearance.

Hair loss occurs at different ages, and for different reasons. Heredity, hormonal imbalance, stress, are few factors responsible for this condition. The physical, social and psychological effects of this condition, very worrisome.

This is why the demand for hair transplant surgery has grown over the years.


          Yes, hair transplant surgery is effective.

This surgery involves taking pieces of healthy skin( i.e. Grafts) from the back of the scalp where one has full hair.

Areas where the grafts are taken is referred to as the, “ Donor areas.”

 This is now implanted in areas where there are no hair. This areas are also know as the recipient areas.

If things go as planned, with time, the implanted skin should bring forth new hair.

The grafts taken from the back of your scalp and implanted has a 90-95% chance of survival. I.e. Bringing forth new hair.


Due to the improvements In science and technology, hair transplant surgery has recorded huge success all over the world.

Found below are pictures of individuals who have undergone hair transplant, before and after it occurred.

Hair Transplant Before and After Pictures

hair transplant before and after
hair transplant before and after
before transplating
after hair transplant surgery

The image above belongs to a guy who had a bald head. He had a hair transplant surgery at Medispa Laser and Cosmetic Center Located in Jaipur India.

After the successful hair transplant surgery, you can clearly see how this guy who was once bald. Now has a head, filled with naturally grown hair.

before the surgery
after surgery

This hair transplant surgery was carried out by Esthetic Hair Mexico. The picture above, clearly shows how effective hair transplant is.

before the surgery
after the surgery

This hair transplant surgery was carried out by this hospital. This is yet another amazing transformation brought about by hair transplant.


Hair transplant surgery,  just like every other surgery has its possible health complications. No doubt, hair transplant is effective. But the risks involved, very worrisome.

Inexperienced surgeons, under equipped surgical facility, patients lackadaisical attitude towards doctors instructions, amongst others. Are some reasons why health complications arise after a hair transplant surgery.

Some of this health complications are;

  1. Infection: This is the most common type of surgical complication. Unsterilized surgical tools and lack of proper attention to surgical sites may result in infections.

Although this may be minor and can be dealt with using antibiotics.


       2. Bleeding and Injuries: This can occur after an hair transplant surgery. If not given the proper attention, an infection may occur.

injuries from hair transplant
Injuries may occur
necrosis infection
necrosis infection.
a thick crust that formulates on the areas of the scalp where the hair was implanted.
bleeding after hair transplant surgery
bleeding after hair transplant surgery

Other possible health complications includes;

  1. Swelling of the scalp: Due to the procedures involved in hair transplant. Patients may experience swelling of the scalp.  

This can occur either at the donor sites(I.e. Where the grafts were gotten from), or recipient sites( I.e. Where the grafts was implanted).

  1. Numbness: This may be a temporary or permanent health complication. Patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery may experience numbness(I.e. inability to detect sensations)
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This can occur at the scalp,  donor or recipient sites.


Having studied various success stories regarding hair transplant and its possible health complications. I will definitely not recommending this procedure to anyone.

Although, hair transplant surgery is effective and has a very high success rate. Subjectively, I do not believe the end product is worth the pain and possible health complications.

This is why I have put together this  list of products below. They are all designed to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

  1. Hair Regrowth Kit: This kit consists of two products;
  • First sun hair growth spray: This  is also another good product that can help with hair growth. This spray  nourishes the hair, removes dandruff, Promotes hair growth, reduces and prevents hair loss.

This spray also contains 6 best natural plant ingredients proven to effectively boost hair growth and scalp rejuvenation within 4-6 weeks of consistent usage.

  • Derma roller: This is a manual device that looks like a wheel and contains a number of micro needles. Micro needles are a collection of tiny needles designed to penetrate into the skin and help with various skin related conditions by, “ Triggering the release of new Collagen and fibres.” This instrument is completely safe, pocket friendly and has no side effect. It is widely used in a number of SPAS in the USA.

When properly used, it can also help with Acne scars, skin appearance, Stretch marks, wrinkles etc.

According to this systematic literature review posted on the , “ Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.” Discoveries show that micro needles or micro needling can help with scars, wrinkles, as well as, make the skin appear younger.

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To purchase the complete hair regrowth kit online. Kindly, visit the product page .

        2.  Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam: This is one of the best products for hair regrowth for women and men. It can be gotten from, “Amazon.”

 According to this research, carried out on this product. It was discovered that this product is effective with dealing with hair loss. And also promotes hair growth.

For more information about this product. Kindly, click this link.

  1. Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment: This is also another amazing product for promoting hair growth, reducing and preventing hair loss. This products can be gotten from, “Amazon.”

Keranique is designed, specifically  for women.

For more information regarding this product. Kindly, visit the product page.


Hair transplant really works!! There’s no doubt about that. But remember,   “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well”.

Before trying out hair transplant, it is important to know how long hair transplant lasts. Make proper findings. This would help you make informed decisions.

The aim of the piece is not only to enlighten you about hair transplant before and after it has taken place. But also to inform you that there are other alternatives, that can help you achieve same results.

This article was originally written by Obi Christian, a lead content developer at Skinol Cosmetics and was edited and published by Chukwuka Emmanuel.

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