How to Apply Castor Oil to Eyelashes For Fast Growth

How to Apply Castor Oil to Eyelashes

The eyelashes, just like every part of the eye, is very important. Asides from protecting our eyes from foreign particles and keeping them moist. The eyelashes also beautifies our faces.

Thus, the more fuller or thicker the eyelashes, the more beautiful one becomes. An agent that would help achieve this, is the castor oil( a vegetable oil gotten from the bean of the castor tree).

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To learn more about Castor oil, how its gotten and its preparation process. Kindly, click this link.

This article teaches and gives clear instructions on how to apply Castor oil to the eyelashes. It is divided into three stages; pre-application, application and post-application stages.


This stage comprises of those procedures one has to undergo, before applying the castor oil.

1. Allergy Test: Most humans are allergic to one substance or another. Your body might be allergic to castor oil.
To be on a safer side, before you apply to the eyelashes, kindly, carry out this test.

Apply a little amount of castor oil to any visible part of your skin e.g arm, legs and observe for the next twenty- four(24) hours.
If there are no skin reactions or allergies, then you are ready for the next step.

2. Clean Up The Eyelashes: Before applying the castor oil to the eyelashes, make sure it is completely clean.
Wash off all traces of cosmetics using a face wipe, soap and water.


Anyone who wishes to learn how to apply Castor oil to the eyelashes and do it correctly, must pay close attention to this stage.

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There are five major things to note:
• Castor oil can indeed give you more fuller and thicker eyelashes. But, the type and brand of castor oil used, is a huge determining factor.

• The best type of castor oil to use is the, “ Jamaican black castor oil.” This type of castor. Oil is darker in colour. And the best pocket friendly brand is the lanthome black castor oil.

• The best time to apply Castor oil to the eyelashes is before you go to bed. The applied Castor oil should be left on the eyelashes till the next morning.

• During application, be very careful!! Do not allow the oil come in contact with your eye balls, because this might cause eye irritation.
If this occurs, quickly wash up your eyes with warm water.

• Consistency is very important. To get visible results, make sure it is applied everyday, before bed.

How to Apply Castor Oil to Eyelashes:

1. Get An Application Tool:

To apply Castor oil with ease, you would need any of the following tools;
• Cotton bud stick or cotton swab.
• Clean mascara wand: Wand used to apply mascara.
• Clean spoolie brush: Brush used to comb or shape your eye brow( hairy part of the eye, above the eye lid)
You can also make use of your very clean finger tips, but it’s not advisable.

2. Applying the Castor Oil:

• Using cotton bud stick/ cotton swab: Dip or extract a little quantity of the Castor oil with either the cotton bud or swab.
Place the soaked cotton bud/swab close to your eye line( part of the eye holding the eyelashes) and run it from one end to the other. This would help release the content directly to the eyelashes.

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• Using a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush: Dip and extract little quantity of the Castor oil with the clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. Then, gently brush your eyelashes, the same way you apply mascara.


This last step of the application process is carried out, immediately you wake up from sleep.
Gently wash off the Castor oil from your eyelashes using soap and water.

This article has, clearly, taught you how to apply Castor oil to eyelashes. And to complement the fuller or thicker eyelashes you would be getting at the end, I am recommending this collagen egg soap.

This Collagen egg soap contains antioxidants that would help prevent skin aging, moisturize, repair, brighten and smoothen the skin.

The combination and end product of this lanthome Castor oil and Collagen egg soap, would leave you with more self confidence.




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