How Long Do Transplanted Hair Last: Is it Permanent?

How Long Do Transplanted Hair Last

Hair transplant surgery, simply involves moving of healthy skin( I.e. Grafts) from parts of the scalp with a lot of hair, to places where there are none.

Parts of the scalp where grafts are taken is referred to as the donor areas. This is located at the back of the scalp holding lots of healthy hair. The area where they are been transplanted, are called the recipient areas.

Hair transplant surgeries are very effective. Transplanted grafts have about 90-95% chance of survival. Thus, within 6-12 months, the transplanted grafts should bring forth new hair to bald areas.

But, how long do transplanted hair last?

Generally, hair transplant is believed to be a permanent remedy to hair loss and it’s meant to last a lifetime. For this reason, it is very expensive in most countries. One thing to note is that, most people undergo hair transplantation, because it is seen as a permanent solution to hair loss.

Are Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

Hair transplantation is seen as a means of dealing with hair loss. Looking at the procedures, money and risks involved, it is meant to or should be a permanent solution.

I strongly believe most patients and few surgeons see it as a permanent solution. But, does that actually make it permanent?

Subjectively, I do not believe transplanted hairs are permanent. Reasons for this belief is discussed below.


This is the most common type of hair loss that affects men and women.

For men, genetics, cancers, certain medications, are few factors responsible for this condition.

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For women, genetics, age, heavy loss of blood during menstruation, certain medications are few determining factors.

If you wish to learn more about this conditions. Kindly, check out this article for women pattern baldness and this article for male pattern baldness.

Hair transplant surgery is used or seen as a remedy for male and female pattern baldness. But, remember that hair transplantation only involves moving grafts from donor to the recipient areas.

Thus, this procedure has no effect on underlying causes of this conditions.

Even if a successful hair implantation surgery is carried out, and new hair covers up bald areas of the head. The underlying factors that triggered the previous hair loss, would do same to the transplanted hair.

‏Due to this, the transplanted hair would not last long.


This theory of aging was postulated by Dr. August Weissman, in 1882.

According to this theory, before and after a human is born, the cells are already functional.
From birth till old age, these cells reproduce and continue to carry out various functions. But, just like every part of our body, over time, these cells would become weak. As they do, we age.

If you wish to learn more about this theory. Please click this link.

The transplanted grafts, as well as, the hair follicles are made up of cells. And as this cells get weaker as we old, more hair loss is inevitable.

Due to this, hairs gotten through hair transplantation will, inevitably, get lost as you get old.

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So far, I’ve laid down two reasons, why I believe hair transplantation is not a permanent solution to hair loss. Although, I’ve failed to provide a definite answer to the question,” How Long Do Transplanted Hair Last.”

Instead of investing in a expensive procedure, with risks and possible health complications. Trying out this products would be much better.

It also important to note that this solutions do not produce, ” permanent results,” and does not guarantee that hair loss would not be witnessed as you grow old.

1. Hair Regrowth Kit: This kit consists of two products;
First sun hair growth spray: This is also another good product that can help with hair growth. This spray nourishes the hair, removes dandruff, Promotes hair growth, reduces and prevents hair loss.

This spray also contains essential components that can help moisturize the hair, leaving you with a shiny, soft and silky hair.

Derma roller: This is a manual device that looks like a wheel and contains a number of micro needles. Micro needles are a collection of tiny needles designed to penetrate into the skin and help with various skin related conditions by, “ Triggering the release of new Collagen and fibres.”

This tool is completely safe, pocket friendly and has no side effect. It is widely used in a number of SPAS in the USA.
When properly used, it can help with Acne scars, skin appearance, Stretch marks, etc.

According to this systematic literature review posted on the , “ Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.” Discoveries show that micro needles or micro needling can help with scars, wrinkles, as well as, make the skin appear younger.

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To purchase the hair regrowth kit online, visit the product page.

2. Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam: This is one of the best products for hair regrowth for women and men. It can be gotten from, “Amazon.”

According to this research, carried out on this product. It was discovered that this product is effective with dealing with hair loss. And also promotes hair growth.


3. Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment: This is also another amazing product for promoting hair growth, reducing and preventing hair loss. This products can be gotten from, “Amazon.”
Keranique is designed, specifically for women.


The aim of this article is not to discourage individuals from trying out hair implantation. Instead, finding out how long transplanted hair last, would help them in making informed decisions.



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