Permanent Hair Removal Cream


Knowing how annoying it is for most people when unwanted hair regrows after each treatment.

I carried out research and have put together some of the best permanent hair removal creams.

And looking at the price and effectiveness of these creams.

I’m pretty sure you would love them when you eventually give them a trial.

Let’s get right into it.


1. Kenzzi’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

Although this is not a permanent hair removal cream.

It is probably the best hair removal product on the market right now.

This hair removal handset;

• Is cleared for use by the USA’S FDA.

• Makes use of a light technology called the “ Intense pulsed light.”

• Carries out a somewhat permanent hair treatment.

• Is rechargeable and has a high-capacity battery. This can be used any day and at any time.

• Is multifunctional. This is effective for treating a good number of skin care problems.

• Is more suitable for oily skin.

• And can be used on almost all body parts.

With its Intense pulsed light, unwanted hairs are treated in a;

• Safe,

• Quick,

• Painless,

• Odorless and Scar free manner.

It is important to note that this handset should not be used;

• Directly on the private Parts.

• Inside the nostrils or ears.

And should be used with caution in areas close to the eyes.

You can purchase this product at a discount only at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Forever rise Hair Removal Cream

This is one of the best hair removal creams.

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With its carefully selected ingredients, it carries out relatively permanent hair removal.

Ingredients contained in this product are;

• Water,

• Cocoa butter,

• Lavander Oil, amongst others.

Forever rise cream can be used at the;

• Bikini area,

• Armpit,

• Chest,

• Legs,

• Arms,

• Back.

And is suitable for all skin types.

Asides from carrying out a quick and safe hair removal from the roots. This cream also;

• Moisturizes the skin.

• Keeps the skin soft and smooth.

You can order this product from Amazon.

3. F. Anti-Darkening Cream

This is a very effective somewhat permanent hair removal cream.

This cream contains;

• Water,

• Vitamin A,

• Jojoba oil,

• Fatty acids,

• Licorice extract,

• Rose flower, amongst others.

As these ingredients penetrate into the skin;

• unwanted hairs are removed quickly and in a safe manner.

• Skin Darkening does not occur.

• Keeps the skin moisturized and smooth.

This anti Darkening Cream is suitable;

• For all skin types.

• For most body parts.

You can get this product from this online store.

4. Sally H. Hair Removal Cream

Sally H. hair removal cream contains;

• Water,

• Collagen,

• Pumpkin seed extract,

• Willows herb, amongst others.

These ingredients are designed to carry out relatively permanent hair removal.

And also keep the skin;

• Healthy,

• Nourished,

• Moisturized and smooth.

You can purchase and get more information on this product on Amazon.

5. Sirona Hair Removal Cream

This is also a very effective somewhat permanent hair removal cream.

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Ingredients in this product include;

• Water,

• Thioglycolic acid,

• Peppermint oil,

• Tea tree oil,

• Green tea, amongst others.

These ingredients are designed to;

• Carry out quick and safe hair removal.

• Ensure the skin retains its natural complexion

This product is available for purchase at this online store.

Finally, asides from using a permanent hair removal cream.

There are other hair removal procedures and products that would also proffer a somewhat permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.

A few of these procedures and products are listed below.

Kindly check them out;

Sugaring hair removal.

Electrolysis hair removal.

Pansley hair removal and inhibitor Kit.

100meters Depilatory paper wax.

Finishing Touch laser, amongst others.

And before you go, kindly;

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