Affordable Laser Hair Removal

How much does laser hair removal cost?

There is good number of affordable laser hair removal products.

These products are probably more effective than their expensive counterparts.

It is important to note that purchasing expensive laser hair removal products, does not guarantee the expected results.

The laser hair removal products discussed in this article are;

• Pocket friendly, and

• Offers a somewhat permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.


1. IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset:

IPL Hair Remover

In terms of quality, function, and effectiveness.

This is probably the most affordable laser hair removal product.

It is FDA-cleared. And suitable for all parts of the body.

IPL handset is a Rechargeable, multi-purpose, laser hair removal product.

With this product,  Hair removal occurs from the hair follicles.

And after a series of treatments, Hair follicles are destroyed.

The end product is a “ Permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.”

This ability is attributed its, “Intense pulsed light.”

It is also effective for treating,

  • Wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Acne.
  • blemishes.
  • Dark spots, amongst others.

Thus, it has five different treatment options.

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2. Finishing Touch Laser Hair Removal:

Painless hair remover

This is a quality, pocket friendly laser hair removal product.

Finishing Touch Laser removes unwanted hair using the, “ Sensa-Light technology.”

This product is suitable for all parts of the body.

With this Laser Hair Removal;

•  body hair is quickly and painlessly removed.

•  body hair is removed without any;

  • blood.
  • cuts.
  • Bumps or itchiness.

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3. Remington Light hair removal:

This is an affordable and effective laser hair removal product.

It is approved by the USA’s FDA.

Remington light hair removal also used the, “ Intense pulsed light.”

Due to this, hair removal occurs from the hair follicles.

According to the producers. “ 94% hair reduction should be expected after 3 treatments.”

This product removes unwanted hair:

• Quickly,

• Gently and painlessly.

This product is available for purchase at this online store.

4. Silk’n Flash&Go Compact:

This is another pocket friendly laser hair removal product.

It is also cleared by the USA’s FDA.

Unlike the products above.

The silk’n flash&go compact make use of a, “ Home pulsed light.”

This HPL ensures;

• Hair removal occurs from the hair follicles.

Thus, lasting results is guaranteed.

• Hair removal is carried out;

  • instantly.
  • safely and painlessly.

• Hair removal is carried out without any tissue damage.

Silk’n Flash&Go Compact can be gotten from this online store.

5. Philips Lumea Advanced IPL:

This is also one of the best effective and affordable laser hair removal product.

With its, “ Advanced intense pulsed light,”

Unwanted hairs are;

• Removed from the roots.

And future growth, inhibited.

• Removed from the roots.

Thus, skin is extremely smooth.

• Removed in a bloodless and pain free manner.

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL can be ordered from this online store.

6. Hair Removal and Inhibitor Kit:

Pansly hair removal kit

Although this kit does not contain any laser hair removal product.

It contains two effective and very affordable sprays.

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I.e. The hair removal and inhibitor sprays.

The hair removal spray is effective for removing unwanted hair.

While, the hair inhibitor spray:

• Prevents future hair growth.

• Keeps the skin moisturized.

• Has anti bacteria properties.

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Finally, it is very important you read with understanding the manual of any purchased product.

As this would give you a clear guide and also help prevent accidents.

What are other recommended methods of hair removal you can try?

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