Depilatory Cream-Types


Depilatory cream is one of many options available for removing unwanted hair.

It is suitable for use on almost all body parts.

These creams work by weakening hair strands after they are applied.

After which the cream is wiped off alongside the unwanted hair.

This process is painless and should leave no after scar.

Depilatory creams contain a major ingredient referred to as, “ thioglycolic acid.”

This ingredient alongside others carries out hair removal.

Results via depilatory cream are however not, “ Permanent.”

As hair growth would occur, a week or two after use.


Depilatory cream just like other hair removal products is, “ Relatively safe.”

This is because there are certain side effects associated with using these creams.

But, this should however not discourage you from using these creams.

Two popular side effects are listed below;

1. Burns

This mostly occurs when depilatory creams are left on the skin much longer than recommended.

Burns occur due to the chemicals contained in the product.

The degree of the skin burn is dependent on the area where it was applied.

This should however not discourage you from using this product.

As burn would not occur if you use, “ Strictly as instructed.”

2. Offensive Odor

When depilatory creams are applied to the skin, you may perceive a very offensive smell.

This smell is similar to that of, “ Rotten eggs.”

But this should not be a cause for concern.

As the offensive odor is the end product of the cream’s interaction with the hair.

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1. Kenzzi’s IPL Handset

Although, this is not a depilatory cream.

It carries out the same function as the cream but is much better when compared.

This headset uses an “ Intense pulsed light”, to remove unwanted hair.

And unlike depilatory creams.

Hair removal using this product is;

• Safe,

• Permanent and

• Odorless.

But, only when used, “ Strictly as instructed.”

And aside from the aforementioned.

This IPL Headset is also suitable for treating;

• Freckles and sun marks.

• Facial lines and wrinkles.

• Skin Blemishes, amongst others.

Kenzzi’s Handset is available at a discount at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Sirona Hair Removal Cream

This is one of the best depilatory creams for hair removal.

Sirona is made with;

• Water,

• Green tea,

• Teatree oil,

• Peppermint oil,

• Thioglycolic acid, amongst others.

These ingredients aside from removing unwanted hair, would also;

• Reduce the tendency for skin inflammation.

• Help Soothe the skin.

• Help ensure the skin retains its natural complexion, despite repeated use.

This product is available for purchase at this online store.

3. Clean and Easy Depilatory Cream

This is an effective cream for hair removal.

Clean and easy contains;

• Water,

• Aleo Vera extract,

• Different plant extracts,

• Thioglycolic acid,

• Calcium hydroxide, amongst others.

Clean and easy cream can be ordered from this online store.

4. Netline Face Depilatory cream

This is also one of the best depilatory creams for hair removal.

Ingredients in this product includes;

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• Water,

• Calcium hydroxide,

• Thioglycolic acid,

• Limonene, amongst others.

This product can be gotten from this online store.

5. Pansley Hair Removal And Inhibitor Kit

This kit contains two different sprays and no Creams.

Thus, it is much more suitable for people with, “ Excess body Sebum or oil production.”

In this kit, you would find the;

• Pansley Hair Removal Spray:

Which would help remove unwanted hair.

• Pansley Hair Inhibitor Spray:

This spray would help inhibit future hair growth.

This kit is available at a discounted price at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

In conclusion, although depilatory cream is effective.

The use of lasers is probably more effective and safe.

A few of these lasers can be found on the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

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