Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Face?


The use of lasers for hair removal is quite popular and can be used for most body parts.

But, is laser hair removal safe for the face?

In this piece, I’ve provided an answer to the above question.

This procedure can be carried out in a clinic under a trained dermatologist.

Or by you in the comfort of your home using a DIY device.


Yes, lasers are safe to treat unwanted facial hair.

Thus, can be used on the face.

The USA’s food and drug administration also approve the use of laser for removing facial hair.

But, it is not recommended for use anywhere close to the “ Eyes or Eyebrows.”

It can be used at the;

• Chin,

• Upper lip,

• Beard area.

But, do not use it close to the eyes.

Although lasers can be safely used on the face.

It is not entirely safe for use, as lasers generally may trigger some side effects.

A few of these side effects are listed below;

• The facial area treated, might swell.

• Skin might turn red.

• You might also experience facial itching.

The side effects above are temporary and should disappear after a moment.

But on rare occasions;

• Laser burns,

• Scars,

• Infection and injuries, may occur.

Thus the importance of;

• Using the best DIY laser products as instructed, or

• Undergoing a laser hair treatment in the right hospital,

And under the right dermatologist cannot be overemphasized.


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Instead of booking numerous expensive laser appointments at a clinic.

Buying a DIY laser device is highly recommended.

As a single one-time purchase would;

• Save you lots of money, and

• Protect your privacy.

A few of these DIY laser Devices are listed and discussed below;

1. Kenzzi’s IPL Handset

This is probably the best laser hair removal product on the market right now.

Kenzzi’s Handset is approved by the USA’s FDA.

This headset uses an “ Intense pulsed light,” to carry out a;

• Safe,

• Quick,

• Somewhat permanent,

• Odor free,

• Scar and blood-free hair removal.

Asides from the aforementioned.

This product also treats several skin problems as well.

With this headset;

• Skin Blemishes,

• Hyperpigmentation,

• Freckles,

• Sun marks,

• Facial lines and wrinkles, become an issue of the past.

This headset is rechargeable and comes with a high-capacity battery.

This can be used whenever you please.

This product is available for sale at a discount, only at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Finishing Touch Laser Hair Removal

This is also another suitable and safe laser for hair removal.

Unlike the products above.

This laser uses the “ Sensa-Light technology,” to carry out a;

• Safe,

• Quick,

• Painless,

• Odor free,

• Scar and blood-free hair removal.

This laser is rechargeable and also comes with a high-capacity battery.

Finishing Touch Laser can be purchased from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

3. Mlay H1 Ipl Hair Removal

This is also one of the best DIY hair removal devices.

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Check out this product on Amazon.

In conclusion, my job would be incomplete if I only provide answers to the question, “ Is laser hair removal safe for the face,” and fail to list other alternatives to lasers for hair removal.

A few of these alternatives are listed below;

100meters Depilatory paper wax.

Sugaring hair removal.

Electrolysis facial hair removal.

Pansley hair removal and inhibitor Kit, amongst others.

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