Side Effects of Castor Oil on Eyelashes

Castor Oil For Hair Thinning

It is very important to note that there are some side effects of castor oil on eyelashes.

Thus, using castor oil to make your eyelashes thicker and fuller, should be done with caution.

But, this should however not dissuade you from using this oil.

As the side effects would not occur if you, “ Use as instructed.”


The side effects discussed are the end products of an, “ Allergic reaction.”

This could be due to:

• The castor oil itself.

• The type of castor oil used.

• And the ingredients contained in the castor oil product.

Therefore, it is very important to carry out an, “ Allergy test,” before applying on your eyelashes.

To do this, simply;

• Apply a little quantity to your arm first.

• Then observe your arm for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours.

• If there are no allergic reactions, then you can apply to the eyelashes.

Let’s now take a look at some of these side effects:

1. Burning, itching or painful eyelid:

You might experience intense itching, Burning or painful sensation after applying Castor Oil to the eyelashes.

This might however not occur if you carry out the allergy test.

In a situation where this occurs;

• Quickly wash off the applied Castor oil using warm water.

This might help relieve the symptoms.

• But in a situation where it does not, seek medical attention.

2. Red Eyes:

In situations, whereby the castor oil comes in contact with the eye ball.

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You might experience eye irritation, which might result in your eyeballs turning red.

In rare situations, this might occur due to an allergic reaction.

Should this side effect occur;

• Quickly, wash your eyes with warm water.

As this might help provide relief.

• If the solution above does not help or if it gets worse.

Seek medical help, Immediately.

3. Rashes on the Eyelid:

Rashes after applying Castor Oil to the eyelashes would only occur, if you happen to be allergic to castor oil.

This can easily be prevented if you carry out an allergy test.

4. Eye Swelling:

This side effect of castor oil on eyelashes, is the most common.

This is the aftermath of either an allergic reaction or a situation whereby castor oil comes in contact with the eye ball.

Eye swelling should reduce with time. But, in a situation whereby it does not, seek medical help.


The side effects discussed above, are less likely to occur when;

• You use the right type of Castor oil.

• Purchase the right brand/product.

This is why I’ve taken out the time to research and find out the best.

The best type of castor oil for eyelashes is probably the, “ Black Jamaican Castor oil.”

This is because unlike other types of Castor oil;

• Black Jamaican Castor oil, is extracted using old, traditional methods.

Thus, it contains little to no chemicals.

• Black castor oil is believed to be more effective than other types of Castor oil.

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This might be because it is more pure and has more nutrients.

And the best brand/product, is this, “ Lanthome black organic castor oil.”

You can easily purchase this organic castor oil from the skinol Cosmetics online store.

Other effective brands includes:

Carlyle Jamaican black castor oil.

Sunny Isle Jamaican Castor oil.

Handcraft Jamaican black Castor oil.


Asides from using the right type and brand of Castor oil.

The side effects of Castor oil on eyelashes can also be prevented when you apply the oil, correctly.

In this article, you would find clear instructions on how you can apply Castor oil to the Eyelashes.


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