Nigerian Herbs For Hair Growth

Nigerian Herbs For Hair Growth

Nigeria is home to different herbs, used for cooking or making drugs. Another function, is the use of certain Nigerian herbs for hair growth.

But, how effective are these herbs? Can they promote hair growth?

This piece assesses two of these Nigerian herbs and its effectiveness in promoting hair growth.


1. Garlic:

This is one of a few Nigerian herbs for hair growth.

Garlic is a medicinal herbs, which is used for cooking.

Garlic is packed loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

It is grown, mostly in the Northern states of Nigeria.

Although no research has proven that applying raw garlic to the hair can promote hair growth. ( To the best of my knowledge)

Findings of this research suggests that garlic, might be effective in promoting hair growth.

The research above, was however carried out using, “ Garlic gel.”

Evidence brought forward after the research was, gotten through personal observation, using an unsystematic approach.

If you wish to give this herb a trial. You can make this , “ Garlic infused olive oil.” (credit: Healthy and natural world)

You can make this by;

• Mincing up a clove of garlic. Add this into a brown glass bottle containing 3 teaspoon of olive oil.

Depending on the size of your hair or areas experiencing hair loss. You can double or triple the recommended quantity.

• Allow mixture to rest in the refrigerator for about 14 days before applying.

• After 14 days, massage mixture directly on the scalp.

Allow this rest on the scalp for a maximum of 20 to 25 minutes.

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• This should be done only twice a week.

• To prevent allergic reactions. Apply on the arm first and observe for about an hour.

2. Moringa:

This is a medicinal plant having, tiny nutritious leaves.

Moringa is packed loaded with lots of nutrient and antioxidant. Thus, known to be very effective in curing different diseases.

It is grown in every part of Nigeria, but found mostly in the North.

Although this Nigerian herb, is believed to be effective in promoting hair growth.

To the best of my knowledge, no scientific evidence has been brought forward as proof.

But, Moringa does contain very good nutrients.

These nutrients can help provide nourishment to the;

• Hair cells.

• Hair follicles.

• Scalp.

And when this occurs, the body would, probably produce more healthy hair.

If you plan on giving this herb a trial. You can make a, “ Moringa Hair spray.” ( Credit: style craze)

To make and use a moringa hair spray:

• Wash and blend some moringa leaves until its, completely pureed. To help the blending process, add some water.

• Strain with a cheese or chiffon cloth.

• Transfer to a spay bottle.

• Spray contents directly on the scalp.

• Allow to sit on your scalp for about 20 minutes. And then wash off with mild soap or shampoo.

To prevent allergic reactions. Spray a little quantity to your arm first and observe for about an hour.


There are a number of effective hair growth products made with herbs.

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Just in case you do not believe in the effectiveness of the herbs above or detest the smell.

Give the products below a trial;

1. First sun intensive hair growth spray:

This is a spray designed to foster hair growth and prevent hair loss.

It contains ginseng and ginger extract, a number of essential oil, amongst other ingredients.

For quick results, it is recommended to use this product with a, “ Derma micro needling device.”

Both products can be gotten from the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

2. Welada Rosemary hair oil:

This can be purchased from this online store.

3. Hairreborn ginseng spray:

This can be gotten from this online store.

We hope you enjoyed your read. Do check out the best creams for hair growth in Nigeria, this article will point you in the right direction when choosing a good hair cream.

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