How To Cut Off Skin Tags Painlessly


Our focus for today would be on how to cut off skin tags painlessly.

To that effect, I’ve listed out comprehensive steps to achieve this.

Skin tags are small pieces of, “ Hanging out skin.”

Skin tags




They are also referred to as, “ Acrochordon.”

Skin tags may appear on the neck, armpit, groin, or under the breasts.

But they become a source of worry to most people when they appear on any part of the, “ Face.”

Skin tags affect both men and women.

They are very common, and harmless and should not be a source of concern.


Before providing clear information on the topic above.

It is important to note that;

• Cutting off skin tags yourself is not recommended.

• Injuries or infections might occur.

• Excessive bleeding might occur.

• Following the steps below may be painless. But, apply Caution!

This procedure requires;

• A pair of scissors or a scalpel.

• A face mirror.

• Methylated spirit or a pot of boiling water.

• An ice cube.

• Any anti-bacterial cream or gel.

• A piece of Band-Aid.

To carry out this procedure, simply;

• Begin by washing your hands and area with the skin tag.

Then sterilize the area with a skin tag using cotton wool soaked in methylated spirit.

• Place the scissors or scalpel in a pot of boiling water for about 30 minutes.

Or sterilize with cotton wool dipped in methylated spirit.

• Pull the skin tag away from the skin, gently.

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Locate the “ Stalk,” Which attaches the tag to the skin.

The stalk connects the tag to the skin.

Using the edge of the scissor or scalpel.

Place close to the Stalk, but not close to the skin.

• Cut the stalk in a swift manner. Then apply pressure to the skin.

Pressure should be applied until you observe that the blood has become, “ Clotted.”

You might experience a weird sensation after cutting off the skin tag.

If this occurs, place a piece of an ice cube on it.

• After that, apply the anti-bacterial gel or cream.

• Then cover up using a band-aid.


My aim of teaching you how to cut off skin tags painlessly would be incomplete if I fail to list other effective alternatives.

These alternatives are much safer when compared to cutting off skin tags using a” Scissors or Scalpel.”

A few of these alternatives are listed below;

1. Skin Tag Laser Pen

This is probably the best product for removing skin tags, “ painlessly and safely.”

Skin tag laser pen works by, “ Burning off skin tags using laser technology.”

I know that sounds scary.

But if you use it as instructed. There should be pain or traces of blood.

This laser pen is rechargeable and can carry out multiple functions.

I.e. Asides from being effective for skin tag removal. It is also suitable for removing;

• Skin moles,

• Dark spots, and

• Freckles.

Buy this pen at a discounted price from the Skinol cosmetics online store.

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2. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Although, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. ( To the best of my knowledge.)

Apple cider vinegar is believed to be effective in removing skin tags.

To use this remedy, simply;

• Soak cotton wool in a bowl containing ACD.

• Apply to the skin tag and hold it in place for a maximum of 12 minutes.

• Do this 2 or 3 times every day until the skin tag falls off.

• ACD is very acidic. Thus, should not be used close to the eye.

This remedy should only be used after conducting a skin patch test.

If you observe any form of, “ Skin irritation.”

Do not continue the use of this remedy.

3. Auto skin tag removal

Purchase from this online store.

In conclusion, there are other surgical methods for removing skin tags.

A popular method is, “ Cauterization.”

Cauterization is the use of electrolysis to burn off skin tags.

Finally, kindly check out other effective skin care products available for sale at the Skinol Cosmetics online store, and for more information read through this article

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