Best Serum For Oily Skin


Looking at the huge number of available serums.

Finding the best serum for oily skin may be a herculean task.

Serums are made for various purposes.

And unlike creams, they are much more suitable for oily skin.

But, not all serums were made putting into consideration the skin type of different users.

Thus, using certain serums might trigger more, “ Sebum production.”

The serums discussed in this article are;

• Suitable for oily skin.

• Effective and pocket friendly.

• Multifunctional.


1. Collagen Snail Serum

Due to these products’ ability to control, “ oil production.”

It is probably the best serum for oily skin.

This serum contains;

• Water,

• 80% Snail slime,

• Niacinamide Acid,

• Salicylic Acid,

• Hyaluronic Acid,

• Vitamin C, amongst other ingredients.

These ingredients would help;

• Clear Acne.

• Prevent and clear fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, and other aging signs.

• Even skin tone.

• Keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

• Enhance the skin’s glow.

• Fight bacteria and prevents skin inflammation.

Thus, the skin is protected.

And just in case you suffer from Acne breakouts.

Use this, “ Collagen Egg soap,” alongside the snail serum.

This soap is designed to help:

• Control Sebum production.

• Prevent and clear acne breakout.

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2. Skin Herbal Tea

This is probably the best skin care product for people with oily skin.

Although this is a tea and not a serum.

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It carries out similar functions to the serum.

And unlike the serum, this tea works from, “ Within.”

This product contains:

• Orange and Lemon fruits,

• Medicinal ginseng( American),

• Red rose,

• Mulberry leaf,

• Chinese Rhubarb, amongst others.

These ingredients would help:

• Prevent and reduce the appearance of aging signs.

• Smoothen the skin.

• Increase the skin’s glow.

• Even skin tone.

• Detoxify the body and promote good night’s rest.

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3. L.R.P Vitamin C Serum

This is a good quality serum for oily skin.

L.R.P serum contains:

• L.R.P thermal spring water,

• Hyaluronic and Salicylic acids,

• Sodium Hyaluronate,

• Glycerin,

• Potassium hydroxide, amongst others.

By penetrating the skin, these ingredients would help:

• Decrease the appearance of aging signs.

• Increase the radiance of the skin.

• Ensure the skin is hydrated and smooth.

L.R.P Vitamin C Serum can be purchased from this online store.

4. Naturium N and Z Serum

This serum is one of the best serums for oily skin.

It contains;

• Water,

• Niacinamide Acid,

• Zinc PCA,

• Citric and sodium hyaluronate acid,

• Glycerin, amongst others.

Naturium N and Z are designed to:
• Help moderate the production of Sebum.

• Help reduce the size of pores. (I.e. enlarged pores.)

• Reduce the appearance of aging signs.

• Even the skin tone.

Naturium N and Z serum can be gotten at this store.

5. Mychelle D. Skin Serum

This serum is another suitable serum for oily skin.

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Michelle D. Serum contains;

• Water,

• Ylang-ylang flower, lavender, cloud Berry and tea leaf oils,

• Grapefruit extract and other plant extracts,

• Retinol, Niacinamide acid, amongst others.

These ingredients would help:

• Control Sebum production and reduce pore size.

• Reduce the appearance of the signs of aging.

• Promote smoother and even skin.

Purchase this product from this online store.

6. Power 10 Formular Serum

This is also one of the best serums for oily skin.

Power 10 serum is made with:

• Water,

• Niacinamide Acid,

• Different plant extracts,

• Glycerin,

• Calcium phosphate, amongst others.

These ingredients would help:

• Moderate body Sebum production.

• Prevent Acne and blackheads.

• Clears skin Blemishes and enhances the skin’s glow.

This serum is available for purchase at this store.

In conclusion, it is important to use these products as instructed.

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