Removing Skin Tags With Nail Polish


I recently came across an article on the effectiveness of removing skin tags with nail polish.

And this motivated me to carry out research.

Although skin tags are harmless and painless.

It’s quite bothersome when it appears on the face.

Thus, I guess this is one reason why a relatively large number of people try out this remedy.

But is it safe? Are there any side effects? Is it even effective?

Read on to find out.


Removing skin tags with nail polish is one of many believed remedies for skin tag removal.

During this procedure, “ Clear nail polish is applied on skin tags.

And according to popular belief.

The chemical contents of nail polish would help prevent,” Oxygen and blood,” from getting to the skin tags.

And when this occurs the skin tags, “ Dies, slowly,” until it falls off.

But, is this effective?

Although there is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of this remedy. ( To the best of my knowledge.)

A few individuals claim that it works.

To others, it is a” Clear waste of time.”


Due to the chemical contents of nail polish. It is not advisable to apply it to the skin.

Although, nail polish is safe for nails.

Applying on the skin over time might;

• Trigger Skin irritation.

• trigger allergic reactions.

• trigger an asthma attack.

It is important to note that nail polish should not be used;

• Close to the private parts or pubic region.

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• When there is acne or any other skin condition close to skin tags.

• When there seem to be signs of blood or pus on skin tags.

• When skin tags are close to the eyes or nose.


As you much have observed, removing skin tags with nail polish, is not advisable.

Thus, I’ve listed and discussed a few other effective alternatives for skin tag removal.

These alternatives are pocket friendly, safe, and very effective.

1. Skin Tag Laser Pen

This is probably the best product for skin tag removal.

Unlike nail polish, this pen carries out a safe and effective skin tag removal by burning it off the skin.

This is carried out in a;

• Painless,

• Bloodless and

• Scar-free manner.

This skin tag laser pen is;

• Rechargeable: Thus can be used at all times.

• Multi-functional: This product has nine intensity levels.

Thus, asides from effectively removing skin tags.

It is also suitable for removing skin moles, spots, and Freckles.

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2. Tagrid Skin Tag Removal

This is another effective product for skin tag removal.

Tagrid works by preventing the supply of blood to skin tags.

According to producers, results should be expected a few days after this product is used.

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3. Micro Skin Tag Removal

Get this product from this online store.

4. Auto Skin Tag Removal

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Available for purchase at this store.

5. Compound W Skin Tag Removal

This is available for purchase at this online store.

In conclusion, it is important to reiterate that using nail polish for skin tags is not advisable.

Instead of removing skin tags with nail polish.

There are other surgical procedures for quick and effective removal.

A very popular procedure is, “ Cryosurgery .”

During this procedure, “ A medical instrument is used to freeze the skin tag.”

After which it is removed.

Before you go.

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For more information on skin tags read this article.

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