Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal-Similarities and Differences


Unwanted hair growth most time is a source of concern.

Two very effective solutions are, “ Electrolysis and the use of lasers.”

Electrolysis vs laser hair removal?

Which is more effective and safer?

Are they similar in any way? Are they different?

These are questions most people ask.

And answers to these and many other will be provided in this article.


A comparison of these hair removal procedures would be done in three steps;

• First we would look at the similarities between both procedures.

• Then, the differences between both procedures.

• And finally the cost of each procedure.


Both hair removal techniques;

• Are suitable for removing unwanted hair.

• Removes unwanted hair by targeting the hair follicles.

• Require multiple treatment sessions.

• Cannot be paid for and is not covered by insurance.

This is because it is seen as a cosmetic procedure.

• Both procedures are relatively safe.

• Both procedures can be carried out at home.


1. During this E.H.R., a device is inserted into a single skin pore housing unwanted hair strands.

Then a low electrical current is released into the skin pore.

The electrical current would destroy the hair follicle, thereby preventing future hair growth.

But, for an L.H.R.

If this procedure is to be carried out at a hospital.

A high-heat laser is directed at the skin, adjusted and then mild radiation is used to remove hair from the hair follicles.

But, if it is to be carried out at home.

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There are a number of effective laser hair removal products.

These laser hair removal products work similarly to the lasers used in a clinic.

2. The E.H.R., is a Permanent hair removal procedure approved by the USA’S Food and drug administration.

The L H.R. is believed to carry out somewhat permanent hair removal.

But, is not formally recognized.

3. Hair removal via the E.H.R. is, “ Permanent.”

But, hair removal via the L.H.R., is, “ Relatively permanent.”

4. E.H.R., is better carried out at a clinic, under a trained dermatologist.

It can however be done at home.

L.H.R., on the other hand, can be carried out in a clinic or in the comfort of your home.

5. E.H.R. is suitable for any body part.

Including areas close to the eye.

The L.H.R. is also suitable for most body parts.

But, is not recommended for use in areas close to the eyes.


The cost of both procedures is dependent on;

• The number of hair strands to be treated.

• Location of unwanted hair.

• Number of treatment sessions.

• Time spent during each session.

• Clinic where both procedures are carried out, amongst others.

For Electrolysis, on average.

Removing a single strand of hair may cost about, “ $2.”

In Nigeria, removing a single hair strand may cost approximately, “ N1,500.”

On the other hand.

Laser hair removal: At a clinic, a single session may cost about, “ $180 to $350.”

But, if you decide to use a” DIY- Do it yourself device.”

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The minimum price of such a device in Nigeria should be about “N20,000.”

To know more 0n laser hair removal read through this article

A few of these lasers are listed below;

1. Kenzzi’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

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2. Finishing Touch Laser Hair Removal

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3. B.S. Expert Pro

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In conclusion, both procedures are effective.

But, the decision on which to settle for is entirely up to you.

Asides from Electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Other effective hair removal techniques are listed below;

Pansley hair removal kit.

Sugaring hair removal.

100meters Depilatory paper wax, amongst others.

And before you go.

Kindly, check out other effective products for sale at the Skinol Cosmetics online store.


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