Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine-Recommended Products


Although it is not recommended to carry out an electrolysis hair removal at home.

The importance of using the right electrolysis hair removal machine cannot be overemphasized.

As this would help prevent to an extent the various problems that may arise.

This should however not discourage you from using them if you desire.

As they are relatively safe, just like every other product.

And for all those who may have no idea what this procedure means.

Electrolysis hair removal is the only recognized permanent solution to unwanted hair growth.

During this procedure, unwanted hairs are treated, one strand at a time.

This is done using different devices.

And just like most other procedures.

It can be carried out in a clinic or from the comfort of your home.


After thorough research.

I’ve put together some of the best machines for electrolysis hair removal at home.

But before that.

I highly recommend you check out the hair removal product below.

Although they are not electrolysis hair removal machines.

They are;

• In a sense, similar to machines for electrolysis.

This is because they also produce permanent results. Especially after repeated and overtime use.

• Very safe and easy to use, unlike the home electrolysis machines.

• More affordable when compared to electrolysis home machines.

Enough of this gist, let’s get right into it:

1. Kenzzi’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

Getting and using this product would probably be one of the best decisions you would make this year.

With this handset, you would probably never remember the term, “ Electrolysis.”

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This product works wonders when it comes to treating unwanted hair.

And due to the versatility of this product.

You would probably say goodbye to frequent visits to a dermatologist.

Kenzzi’s Handset;

• Is approved for use by the USA’S FDA.

• Uses Intense pulsed light technology.

• Carries out hair removal from the roots.

• Would produce permanent results after repeated treatment sessions.

• Carries out hair removal in blood, scar, and pain-free manner.

• Is suitable for use on the face, pubic region, bikini area, legs, and arm, amongst others.

• Also treats skin blemishes, freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation, amongst others.

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2. Finishing Touch Hair Removal Laser

This is one of the best alternatives to the electrolysis hair removal machine.

It uses the Sensa-Light technology to treat hairs from the roots.

Treatment is carried out in a blood and scar-free manner.

And just like the product above.

It is suitable for use on most body parts, except areas close to the eye.

For easy purchases, visit the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

3. Nood IPL Hair Removal Device

Nood IPL Hair device works wonderfully for treating unwanted hair.

And just like the products above, it is safe for use at most body parts.

You can purchase and learn more about this product on Amazon.

Now, lets quickly get to those electrolysis hair removal machines I mentioned earlier on:

1. Versoe Electrolysis Machine 

Visit Amazon to learn more and order this machine.

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2. AVX400 Electrolysis Machine 

For product details and easy purchases, visit this online store.

3. B. Advanced Electrolysis Machine 

Visit Amazon to learn more and order this product.

In conclusion, aside from the use of any of the electrolysis hair removal machines above.

I’ve also listed below other safer alternatives to this procedure:

Pansley hair removal and inhibitor Kit.

Sugaring hair removal.

100meters depilatory paper wax.

And before you go, kindly:

• Read other skin care articles on the Skinol Cosmetics blog.

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We have a wide range of amazing skin care products.


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