Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer


Cancer is known to have different causes.

And the use of lasers is believed to be one of them.

But, does Laser hair removal cause cancer?

This aim of this piece is to assess this assumption.


Subjectively, I believe laser hair removal does not cause cancer.

This is mostly because, till date, no scientific evidence proves that it does.

Asides from the aforementioned.

Found below are other reasons for that belief;

• Lasers for hair removal uses a , “ Non ionising radiation.”

Non ionising radiation is a weaker form of radiation that lacks the ability to damage one’s DNA.

This type of radiation is different from the, “ Ionising radiation,” which is known to be a cause of cancer.

The ionising radiation is emitted during x-rays, etc.

• Lasers for hair removal emits a little amount of radiation.

And this little amount only comes in contact with the Surface of the skin.

• Lasers for hair removal are used in certain occasions to treat certain growths on the skin that are not yet cancerous, but may later become.

Despite the fact that the logical explanations above suggest that cosmetic lasers causes no cancer.

it is only safe to assume that, “ Laser hair removal is not a cause of cancer.”


Using the right type of laser for hair removal reduces the likelihood of suffering from any side effects.

Thus, I’ve compiled a list of safe and effective laser hair removal products.

1. Kenzzi’s IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

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This laser hair removal product is approved for use by the USA’S FDA.

Kenzzi’s Handset uses the, “ Intense pulsed light.”

When used strictly as instructed.

This laser would carry out hair removal;

• Safely,

• Painlessly,

• Blood free and without any after scar.

This laser is available at a discounted price at the skinol Cosmetics online store

2. Mlay H1 Ipl Hair Removal

This is another laser approved for use by the USA’S FDA.

Mlay also uses the Intense pulsed light to carry out hair removal.

And just like the product above, hair removal would be carried out in a safe, pain-free and blood-free manner, if used as instructed.

This IPL laser is available for purchase at this online store.

3. Finishing Touch Laser Hair Removal

This is one of the best lasers for hair removal.

You can get more information about this product by visiting the Skinol Cosmetics online store.



My job would be incomplete if I only answer the question, “ Does Laser hair removal cause cancer?” And fail to discuss the side effects of this procedure.

Despite the effectiveness of lasers for hair removal.

Side effects might occur for various reasons.


• When you fail to use the products as instructed.

• When you purchase the wrong type of laser.

A few of these side effects are listed below;

• Area where laser was used might become red in colour and swell.

This is however temporary and should disappear after a few hours.

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• Skin colour might become darker or lighter.

This is also temporary and should disappear after a few hours.

• After scar might appear.

In conclusion, laser are safe for use.

But, the importance of using lasers, strictly as instructed cannot be overemphasized.

But, just in case you are not convinced of its safety.

I’ve listed below, other alternatives for hair removal.

Information regarding these alternatives can be found at the Skinol Cosmetics online store;

Pansley Hair Removal And Inhibitor Kit.

100meters Depilatory paper wax strip.

Sugaring hair removal.

Electrolysis Hair Removal.

And before you go.

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