Best Skin Tightening Cream For Face And Neck

Best Skin Tightening Cream For Face And Neck

My research to find out the best skin tightening cream for face and neck was successful.

Despite the wide range of available products, I was still able to discover the best amongst them.

I also discovered that the use and demand for skin tightening creams has grown over the years.

And this is because it’s a cheap and safe alternative to other skin tightening procedures.

But what exactly does, “ Skin tightening,” mean?


Skin tightening refers to an array of treatment options.

This treatment options help provide solutions to either, “ Skin laxity,” or, “ Crepey skin.”

Skin tightening falls within the bracket of, “ Skin rejuvenation.”

Skin rejuvenation

simply refers to an array of treatment procedures.

This treatment procedures are used to deal with all kinds of skin related problems.


This can also called, “ Loose skin.”

Skin laxity arises due to the damage of , “ Collagen and Elastin Fibers.”

Collagen and Elastin are substances that keep the skin strengthened, smooth, moist and elastic/stretchy.

When you gain weight, the skin would have to stretch to contain the added weight.

If this stretch is left as is for long. I.e. If the added weight is not shed in time.

This would gradually damage these essential fibers.

And when the weight is finally shed, these essential fibers are probably too damaged.
Thus, they can no longer carry out their functions.

Most especially elastin that enables the skin return back its normal state after you stretch it.

The end result, is the excess skin hanging out.

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Skin laxity can appear in a number of body parts.

It may be age related and affects pregnant women or individuals who have lost a lot of weight.


This skin condition may also be age related.

This refers to a situation whereby the skin appears rough, dry and looks wrinkled.

The formal description is that the skin looks like a, “ Crepe paper.”

Crepey skin also rises due to the decrease in the body’s production of collagen.


Although Collagen production is naturally meant to decrease as you age.

Collagen supplements can be used to boost production.

But rather than taking pills or other supplements.

Try out this, “ Collagen Egg soap.”

Bathing with this soap twice daily would boost tissue collagen secretion by 400%.


Using cost and quality as criteria, I selected the products below.

But, rather than pick one as the best. I believe it would be better you make that decision yourself.

1. Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula:

According to the producers, this product would show visible results within six weeks.

This product contains Cocoa butter, collagen, elastin, ginseng, vitamin E, amongst other amazing ingredients.

The combination of these ingredients would help firm up loose skin in the face and neck.

Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula can be purchased from this online store.

2. Voibella advanced firming cream:

This is also another good product.

It contains ingredients that would help tackle loose and crepey skin.

It also helps decrease the appearance of most signs of aging.

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Voibella advanced firming cream can be ordered from this online store.

3. Elastalift collagen concentrated skin rescue:

This is one of the best skin tightening cream for face and neck.

Ingredients contained in this product would help deal with loose and crepey skin.

As well as, make less visible the signs of aging.

Elastalift collagen concentrated skin rescue can be gotten from this online store.

4. Dermaxgen Face cream:

This product is specifically designed to handle skin laxity on the face.

Asides from the aforementioned, this product is also an anti aging product and helps keep the skin moist.

Dermaxgen face cream can be purchased from this online store.

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