Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Work? What to Expect

Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Work

On this piece today, we will be answering the question must people ask us, does laser stretch mark removal work?

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There have been some doubts regarding the effectiveness of later stretch mark eradication. Stretch marks cannot be treated in a precise, defined way, according to research. comparable to laser therapy.

Overall, there are ways to lessen the appearances’ visibility and allow them to disappear over time. The earliest stretch marks are the ones where lasers work best. Red stretch marks indicate immaturity. According to many experts, they are simply inadequate on older stretch marks.

How does laser treatment really work?

To regenerate the skin above, the outermost layer of skin is removed. Concentrated laser beams are employed during the treatment to promote the development of new skin. While it cannot remove marks, it can lessen their visibility.

Depending on the type of laser treatment you have, it either removes the top layer of skin to allow for smoother, younger-looking skin tissues to develop underneath, or it targets areas beneath the skin’s surface to encourage collagen production from the inside out.

The healing process is substantially quicker with laser therapy than with traditional surgery because there are no incisions made during the procedure. 

The majority of people will need several sessions to noticeably improve in their skin. But it depends on how severe the marks are. Newer stretch marks respond better to the therapy in general, and more sessions will be needed to address more severe stretch marks.

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Does it hurt?

The treated area may become irritated and sting a little after the operation. You should be able to tolerate it because it does not produce excruciating agony. Depending on the area being treated, the quantity being treated, and the kind of laser being utilised, the level of discomfort may change.

What is the duration of it?

How carefully you take care of your skin will determine how long a laser treatment will last. You will require a minimum of 1-6 laser treatments, and after the last one, the results may persist for years.

Attending your follow-up treatments is the most crucial action you can take to guarantee better results. Do not give up if you do not get results straight away. You should also be sure to follow your dermatologist’s aftercare instructions to keep the skin healthy following treatment.

Possible risks of laser treatment

1. Pain, itchiness, swelling, and redness:

Skin that has been treated may swell, itch, or feel scorching. The redness could be quite severe and persist for a while.

2. Slight bruise:

Patients rarely develop minor bruising but the area may be sore and red very once after treatment.

3. Alterations in skin tone:

Skin that has undergone laser resurfacing may get darker than it was before. People with dark brown or Black complexion are more likely to see permanent changes in their skin tone.


One of the best methods for minimizing the appearance of stretch marks is laser therapy. The outer layer of the skin is removed during this stretch mark skin treatment. However, this is not a perfect remedy for stretch marks.

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Recommended Products For Removing Stretch Marks

1. Micro-Needling Derma Roller:

According to this research, derma rolling helps to boost collagen production by 400% which helps to cover up stretch mark lines. Collagen is an essential structural protein produced in the skin that repairs skin tissues.

A derma roller contains an array 540 of needles which penetrates into the skin and so must be sterilized before use.

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2. Rtopr Pregnancy Stretch Marks Cream:

This one of the best stretch mark creams for tummy skin tightening. After pregnancy, the tummy becomes loose and prone to stretch marks, therefore, it is recommended for postpartum stretch marks.

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We hope we answered the question – does laser stretch mark removal work? the right way. If you have any suggestion for people looking to remove their stretch marks through laser treatment please share your thoughts in the comments.

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