Best Acids For Acne Scars


Scars from acne are unavoidable, especially if the acne was severe, to begin with. According to dermatologist David Avram, the more severe the inflammation, the more likely it is to create a scar.

Unfortunately, there are no miracle treatments that will completely heal acne scars. But there are a variety of creams, lotions, creams, serums, and acids that can treat discolouration, lessen the appearance of these scars, and drastically improve the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin.

Acne, wrinkles, age spots, scars, and uneven skin tone can all be combated using acids. But with so many acids available, it can be difficult to remember which to use, for what, and which goods to purchase. Here are some of the best acids for acne scars.


1. Alpha hydroxy acids[AHAs] 

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a class of acids obtained from both plants and animals and are present in many cosmetic products. Sublime Life says, “They are wonderful ingredients to treat acne as well as acne scars.” It eliminates dead skin cells, prevents clogged pores, and lessens the visibility of acne scars. To help remove rough skin and discolouration, the mild acid gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin. The most typical AHAs are, among others,

2. Glycolic acid

This acid works wonders to exfoliate the face, diminish fine wrinkles, prevent acne, lighten dark spots, thicken the skin, and even out skin tone and texture. According to Healthline, “it comes from sugar cane and is the smallest AHA, so it’s the most effective at getting into the skin.”

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The National Library of Medicine says it has been well-established in dermatological practise for its cosmetic benefits when used on the skin.

These products contain glycolic acid.


3. Lactic acid

This acid is milder than glycolic acid since it does not penetrate the skin’s surface as deeply. It can remove dead skin cells gently by acting as a peel. It evens out skin tone and lessens the visibility of scars. Acne and acne scar therapies sold over-the-counter frequently contain it.

It can also clear sunspots by accelerating cell turnover and directly inhibiting melanin production, says Dermstore.

Try these products with lactic acid.


4. Salicylic acid

This particular variety of beta hydroxy acids is the most prevalent. They are comparable to AHAs but penetrate the skin a little deeper, making them particularly effective for treating acne. It is used as a peeling agent in higher concentrations to treat age spots, acne scars, and other conditions. Salicylic acid is quite successful at reducing post-acne hyperpigmentation. By getting rid of dead skin cells, it aids in exfoliating the skin.

Test out these items, they contain salicylic acid.


5. Hyaluronic acid

This well-known moisturising component has many beneficial effects on the skin, but it’s also excellent for renewing skin and boosting collagen formation. Your dermatologist may also administer direct HA injections into more severe acne scars. 

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According to Scientific And Academic Publishing, it has a quick wound-healing response, which enables it to be successful in the treatment of acne scars.

It is present in these solutions.

6. Azelaic acid

Many prescription-only lotions contain azelaic acid, which helps to keep pores clean, eradicate bacteria, and reduce inflammation. It typically has very few adverse effects, but if you have sensitive skin, a patch test is advised as it might cause stinging, peeling, and redness. By promoting cell turnover, azelaic acid might lessen the severity of scarring.

Healthline says it is also used for treating rosacea, hyperpigmentation, and skin whitening.

Try these products with Azelaic acid.

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To sum up,

The acids mentioned above are the best for acne scars and will significantly improve your acne scars. Typically, dermatologist consultations and patch tests are advised by specialists to decide the best course of action for your skin.

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