What Causes Skin Tags On Neck


Having observed that most people have skin tags on the neck.

I carried out a little research to find out what causes skin tags on neck.

The finding of that research are clearly discussed in this piece.

And for all who no idea what skin tags are.

Skin tags are also known as, “ Acrochordons.”

They are harmless growths or bumps on the skin.

Found especially in areas where the skin folds often.

I.e. Neck, groin, areas close to the breast, armpit, etc.

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To the best of my knowledge.

The answer to the question above is not conclusively known.

But, skin tags on the neck are known or believed to be caused by a number of factors.

These factors are listed and discussed below;

1. Decline in Collagen and Elastin Fibers

As we age, our body’s natural capacity to produce collagen decreases.

And this substance plays a very important role in ensuring our skin looks hydrated, smooth and strengthened.

This decline is known to have a number of effects on our skin.

One of which is believed to be the development of skin tags on the neck.

2. Genetics

It is also believed that you more likely to get skin tags on the neck, if your parents had them.

I.e. it can be passed from patents to their offspring.

3. Changes In The Body’s Production Of Hormones

An Imbalance in the body’s hormone production may cause skin tags on the neck.

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Hormones like insulin, progesterone and estrogen is believed to be a cause.

Asides from the aforementioned.

The following below is also believed to have a link to the development of skin tags on the neck;

• Obesity.

• Exiting health conditions: i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, high cholesterol levels.

Human papilloma virus.


Skin tags on the neck or other body parts are harmless.

Thus, should not be a cause for concern.

But, if you find them bothersome in any way.

And plan on removing them.

You have every right to do that.

But, the importance of doing that the right way cannot be overemphasized.

This is why I’ve put together some of the best skin care products designed for that.

Just incase you plan on doing this yourself at home.

1. Jarcy.C Laser Skin Tag Removal

This is probably the best product for removing skin tags on the neck.

And trust me, you will certainly not regret buying this product.

This multipurpose laser pen is designed to remove skin tags using laser technology.

And this removal is carried out in a;

• Safe,

• Blood and scar free,

• Painless and quick manner.

Jarcy.C pen:

• Is rechargeable. Thus can be used whenever and wherever you wish.

• Has a high capacity battery.

• Is multifunctional. Thus can be used to treat skin moles, warts, spots.

• Can be used on the neck and other body parts as well.

To purchase and learn more about this product, visit the Skinol Cosmetics online store.

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2. Amada Pure Skin Tag Removal

This is another effective solution for skin tag removal.

With this product, skin tag removal is carried out from the roots.

And this should occur within 10 days. I.e. According to the producers.

Visit Amazon to buy and learn more about this product.

3. Compound W Skin Tag Removal

Visit Amazon for more details about this product.

In conclusion, asides from learning about:

• What causes skin tags on neck, and

• Products for safely removing them.

It is also important I point out that certain growth you believe to be skin tags, may not actually be.

Thus, before you go ahead to remove them.

Check out the symptoms of skin tags below to ascertain if that growth on your neck happens to be one:

• Skin tags are very small.

• Most have a stalk, which holds it to the skin.

• They cause no pain and are very soft.

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