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I never believed there was a homemade stretch mark treatment till I came across this guide online through a friend and today I am going to share this same guide to you as well.

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NOTE: I sold this same guide for ₦10,000 in 2019 and many women were rushing it because they know the value – but today I will be sharing it openly for everyone! So read it while you have the opportunity and take action before I begin to sell it again!

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I know by now you can no longer wait for the awesome tips am about to dish out to you. So let’s jump right in!

List of Ingredients and Tools I Used:

1.  Derma Roller: The derma roller is the game changer dermatological tool used for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and balding scalp. It works by making the skin to heal faster by stimulation of collagen. If you need more info on how the derma roller works then visit the sales page.

This is a very important tool to use if you are serious about removing your stretch marks within a short period of time and for this home remedy to work excellently. I will teach you how to use it as we proceed. It doesn’t hurt at all.

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2.  Egg White: Egg white contains high amount of protein which helps to fade the appearance of fine lines like wrinkles and stretch marks.

egg white

3.  Coconut Oil or Olive Oil: Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and will help reduce healing time for existing stretch marks. However if you can’t afford it, you can use the olive oil you have at home.

product_image_name-B&B Body Beauty-Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (Cold Press) - 444gm-1

4.  Aloe Vera: it increases collagen stimulation and fade stretch marks, if you can’t find it use lemon instead.

Aloe vera: 9 health benefits

How To Use

Follow the exact technique I used here religiously and say bye bye to stretch marks.

First bring out the egg white from the egg and whisk till its all foamy then keep aside. you can whisk with a fork.

whisked egg white

Step 1: Use methylated spirit or 75% alcohol to disinfect the derma roller before use and also use the methylated spirit to clean the surface area of the stretch marks.

Step 2: Roll the derma roller on the stretch mark regions horizontally, vertically, diagonally in all directions. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Step 3: Apply the whisked egg white substance to the affected stretch mark regions and leave for 30 minutes.

Steps 4: Clean off the dry egg white with a warm damp towel and apply the coconut oil religiously till the skin absorbs it.

Using the Aloe Vera or lemon: bring out the Aloe Vera gel and apply every night before going to bed, It will help to stimulate collagen production in the skin tissues needed to get rid of stretch marks.

Duration of Usage

Derma roller: Use the derma only thrice a week for best results.

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Egg White & Coconut Oil: Use Thrice a week as well.

Aloe Vera: Use every night till the stretch marks are gone.

When To Expect Results

This is a very effective treatment that every skin care cream vendor will hide from you because they know you won’t patronize them after your stretch marks are healed! If you apply the instructions written here accordingly, you MUST see visible results within 7 days. This is the ultimate treatment to any kind of stretch marks.

Where to Get the Needed Ingredients/Tools For This Treatment

1. Derma Roller: You can buy the derma roller here for just ₦9000, is very cheap considering the mighty works of this simple tool. Don’t relax ooo it’s only cheap now because of Black friday, after the black friday the price will increase to ₦11,000! so hurry.  Click here to buy it online now, delivery in 1-5 business days.

2. Egg white: It’s in your kitchen, it is that colourless part of raw egg.

3. Coconut Oil: I used a very good coconut oil I found Jumia see it here. You can still use olive oil but coconut oil is the best.

4. Aloe Vera: Is a plant mostly grown by most Nigerians. you can probably get it in your backyard or from your neighbour but if you can’t get it use Lemon instead.

If you need more practical approach to stretch marks that really works then try our 1 month stretch mark practical treatment package consisting of 1 derma roller and 2 stretch mark creams.

That’s it for the ultimate home made treatment to stretch marks you can never get elsewhere! we are waiting for your review below.

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