Best Serum For Sensitive Skin


For men and women with sensitive skin.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best serum for sensitive skin.

And just incase you are wondering what a sensitive skin is?

One has a sensitive skin when the use of certain products or exposure to certain stimuli causes;

• Stinging,

• Painful or tingling sensation,

• Burning sensation,

• Or generally, a skin allergy.

For individuals with such a skin, using the right skin care product is off outmost importance.

To help those set of individuals, I’ve put together this article.

But, since skin type differs.

It is advisable to carry out a skin patch test before using any of the products discussed below.


1. Collagen Snail Serum

This is probably the best serum for sensitive skin.

As it is made with a number of natural ingredients which should cause no harm or trigger any form of skin irritation.

Ingredients contained in this product are;

• Water,

• 80% snail slime,

• Vitamin C,

• Collagen,

• Niacinamide, Hyaluronic, and Salicylic acids, amongst others.

These ingredients are designed to;

• Control body sebum(oil) production.

• Reduce the appearance of aging signs ( I.e. it contains a good number of ingredients, scientifically proven to be effective for this.)

• Offer protection to the skin.

• Brighten and moisturized the skin.

• Even the skin’s tone.

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2. Skin Herbal tea

Although, this is a tea and not a serum.

It is probably more safer when compared to serum.

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This is because it carries out same functions with serum, but, “ From Within.”

Skin herbal tea contains;

• Red rose,

• Licorice roots,

• White poria,

• Jasmine,

• Orange and Lemon fruits, amongst others.

These ingredients are designed to;

• Clear and glow up the skin from within.

• Even skin tone.

• Help decrease the appearance of aging signs.

• Promote better night rest.

• Carry out body detoxification.

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3. Simplified Skin Serum

This serum is also made with a combination of natural ingredients.

Thus, is one of the best serum for sensitive skin.

This serum contains ;

• Water,

• Vitamin C and E,

• Aloe Vera extract,

• Jojoba oil, amongst others.

As these ingredients penetrate into the skin, they would help;

• Even the skin tone.

• Reduce the appearance of facial aging signs.

• Hydrate and smoothen the skin.

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4. Amara Beauty Serum

This is a very good serum for sensitive serum.

Amara beauty serum contains;

• Water,

• Vitamin C,

• Gotu kola extract,

• Jojoba oil,

• Botanical Hyaluronic acid,

• Witch Hazel, amongst others.

These ingredients would help;

• Decrease the appearance of visible aging signs.

• Brighten up the skin.

• Promote a smoother and clearer skin.

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5. Bioderma Hydra Bio Serum

This is also one of the best serum for sensitive skin.

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Bioderma serum contains;

• Water,

• Apple seed extract,

• Niacinamide Acid,

• Glycerin,

• Sodium Hyaluronate, amongst others.

On penetrating into the skin, these ingredients would help;

• Keep the skin moisturized.

• Smoothen the skin.

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In conclusion, it is important to reiterate that although the serums above is safe for sensitive skin.

It should only be used after carry out a skin patch test.

You can learn how to carry out one at one by visiting this page.

And for other effective skin care product which are suitable for sensitive skin as well.

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