Surrati E-Collection By Surrati Perfumes Undiluted Concentrated Perfume Oil With Roll On Head – 6ml


  • Long lasting premium perfume oil by Surrati Perfumes.
  • A natural scent.
  • Perfume oils are extremely economic and you will only need a couple of drops to last more than a day
  • A concentrated perfume oil based on the famous scent
  • Perfume free from alcohol
  • Made in KSA
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At SURRATI, our team of perfumers do not just create a new perfume , they aim to create a sensation. With a large palette of raw materials that allow immeasurable number of combinations, they have only their imagination and memory to create products that spells success to our customers.

Perfumery is a fine art, which has been mastered by over the last 40 years. Be it, creation of new fragrances to suit a customers requirement, or matching a fragrance. Duplication of a fragrance is more complicated than creating a new one, and we are proud to state we can match almost any fragrance.

Finally comes the cost. Our multi purpose aroma chemicals plant, complete with distillation columns, glass lined reactors, extraction vessels, ensures that we manufacture a number of raw materials for our own use at low cost. We also extract a number of essentials oils and aromatic resinoids. Which is why we are able to offer exciting fragrances at low prices.

Long lasting premium perfume oil by Surrati Perfumes.A natural scent.Perfume oils are extremely economic and you will only need a couple of drops to last more than a day


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