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Side Hustle Alert!


If you're on this page, then you must have seen an advert looking for a content writer with good writing skills who can research, create and publish unique blog articles for the company.

Please read attentively to know the requirements, job description, what you must do to increase your chances of getting the contract.


  • Good communication skill.
  • Good writing skill.
  • Ability to understand user intent (will explain later)
  • Ability to write with the keywords provided.
  • Write SEO optimized articles.
  • At least 12 articles weekly. 600 words article.
  • Any gender.
  • Work from any location.
  • Students are welcomed.
  • You may work with mobile phones.

Job Description

Skinol Cosmetics® a registered online store for high ticket beauty and skin care products, we sell & ship nationwide.

If you have great passion for writing then this where you can showcase your expertise and let the world know who you are.

An editor dashboard will be provided to you. List of well researched keywords will be supplied to you on monthly basis so you will never run out of content ideas. 

Also, dedicated profile will be created for you with your name, profile image and everything you want your readers to know about you.

What is left of you is to make judicious use of these materials to showcase your expertise by publishing quality content, what will be the result? – Swift payments every 1st day of the month.

Your workflow explained:

  1. We will research and find keywords that suits our business goals and products and provide them to you in a word document.
  2. You research and create content on it describing the problem and giving solution to it by recommending any of our products. Include descriptive images where necessary.
  3. Include keywords where necessary (will explain later).
  4. Optimize your articles with our SEO checklist.
  5.  Login to your dashboard and publish your content. You can also create content directly on the dashboard.
  6. Work on your own schedule but make sure you publish at least 12 articles per week.



If your articles rank wrongly for keywords then its totally useless and will not bring sales. You must understand user intent before you start writing an article.

Take these 2 keywords for example: 

  1. Best skin tag removal treatment
  2. Best skin tag removal treatments

Both keywords are identical, however have different search intent.

The first user searching on google for this keyword is looking for the best known treatment to buy and once convinced will make immediate purchase.

The second user is looking for different products to compare and then make decision to buy.

Always write according to user intent.


Exact match of the keyword given to you must be placed in the beginning, middle and last paragraph on your article. This must be done in the most natural way possible.

This is mandatory as it is the core strategy of On-site SEO optimization.

12 Dos and Don'ts

  1. You must NOT publish content written elsewhere on the internet. We’ll find out and your position taken and payment withheld. we use API to check all our articles for plagiarism.
  2. Feel free to research and gain in-depth knowledge on a keyword anywhere on the internet but please NEVER COPY.
  3. Don’t publish content written on our website on any other website. Don’t do that its content theft.
  4. Sprinkle LSI keywords on your article (will explain later).
  5. Optimize your content with SEO (will explain)
  6. Don’t use complex words and grammar in your articles. use simple layman English.
  7. Write readable content. Use short sentences and leave line break spaces where necessary. Don’t jampack your texts.
  8. Link to 1-2 of our other articles in your articles.
  9. Recommend 1-2 of our products in your articles.
  10. Link to other authoritative websites in the health and beauty niche while making medical claims (very important!) websites like:, and many others.
  11. You may use your phone to write but your content must be well structured.
  12. All articles must have 600 words minimum. This is not hard at all if you know what you’re doing. 600 words can be curated under 45 minutes after making research on a given keyword. Your editor dashboard has a word counter by default.  This page for example has 1,192 words and was curated in 1hr 30 mins after collecting all the ideas we need.
‘Sprinkle LSI Keywords’ Explained

LSI keywords are related keywords that show up when you search for a keyword on google. 

Take the keyword “How to remove stretch marks permanently” for example…

when you search for it on google these are the related search results:

Now pick 3-5 keywords most similar to the main keyword and include them naturally in your article.

Optimize your content for SEO
 All we have been talking about so far are SEO strategies, however here is a complete SEO checklist:
  1. The exact keyword provided must be included in the beginning of your title.
  2. The exact keyword must be the URL of your article.
  3. The exact keyword must be the name of your image.
  4. The exact keyword must be the image’s alt tag (we’ll teach you)
  5. The exact keyword must be used ONLY 3 times through out your article.
  6. The exact keyword should be included in one of your H2 headings.
  7. Sprinkle LSI Keywords.
  8. Link to relevant sources or authoritative websites
  9. Write a compelling meta description that will make a user click through (we’ll show you how).

Do this and you’ve done a perfect article job.


Starting salary is ₦35,000. However, there maybe an increment depending on your dedication to work, your performance and the resulting positive impact on our business.

As a norm, all Skinol Staff are paid on the 1st of every month. 

What to do next

If you believe you are the perfect personnel for this position, kindly do the following:

  1. Kindly write and submit a sample of your article with the keyword – How to remove stretch marks fast and mail it to, your email title should be “application for a content writer position”. You may also use the contact form below.
  2. If your application was successful, sign the job contract and resume work as soon as possible.
  3. Your manager will provide you with a list of keywords to start writing.
  4. For quick identification, ensure you include your name and contact details in the beginning of your article.
  5. If you weren’t taken, don’t worry we will need your services on our sister sites soon and we will update you when it’s time.

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Applications will be closed on Monday 8th August 2022.

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