This will be the last hair regrowth kit you'll ever buy for bald spotsreceding frontal hairs and patchy beards.

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Thinking of paying for that expensive hair transplant? FORGET about it!


I understand that your hair loss is driving you crazy and you’re looking for a solution fast!

I also know the kind of low self confidence it gives men especially in the workplace, social life or when trying to woo the opposite sex and maintaining a stable relationship.

A lot of men are tired already of using different hair products that don’t work and have settled for a hair transplant surgery. Don’t give up we’re here for you.

Are you thinking of going for a hair transplant surgery that costs around ₦1.5M – ₦2.5M? FORGET ABOUT IT! Rejoice for you have found the ULTIMATE SOLUTION that has helped over 200 men and women in Nigeria grow back their hair.

Stop wasting your money on beard growth creams and oil that doesn't work!

I have spent many years searching for a good beard growth cream and oil which never worked. I wasted money trying many hair sprays which never made any difference.

This was the exact problem that led me to finding this ultimate & fast hair regrowth kit that I will be introducing to you today.


Hair loss is one of the most scariest things to experience

It feels like your glory is taken, a healthy hair growth is the glory of both men and women.

Here are some ways hair loss or balding scalp can actually affect your overall wellbeing:

The truth is that, it is never your fault to have hair loss but with a bold step and dedication, you too can say goodbye to hair loss!

There are many products & solutions for hair loss but do they really work??

I’m sure that by now you must have tried many solutions for hair regrowth but did they actually work for you?

Or are you still waiting for results? how many bottles have you used? And for how long have you been on that hair treatment journey? Well I will leave that to you to answer.

There other solutions for hair loss like...

There are many products for hair loss both online and offline but the question is, does it work? even if it works, what are the side effects? Does it have a lasting effect? And how long does it take to see results? Are they affordable?

Sadly, there are many disadvantages that comes with these solutions...

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) former housemate, Tuoyo
Artificial hair wig is NOT a solution to consider at all❌❌
Artificial men wigs

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) former housemate, Tuoyo recently removed his wig and returned to his bald look, WHY? here is why…

Artificial hair wigs can never be compared to a natural hair so, are very itchy and feels hot. Imagine having hair glued to your head? Trust me, you can’t stand the discomfort in hot weather conditions! You will tear it off sharparly in a week time!!!

How Is Hair Transplant Done?
Hair transplant surgery
What of hair transplant surgery?

Before you consider a hair transplant surgery, it is important that you note its crucial demerits & complications:

I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is what you want OR embrace the perfect solution i’ll give you afterwards..

So what is a better solution for you?

Hair regrowth treatment is not just like other skincare treatments like sunburn or acne treatment that can be treated within 7 days, it requires your dedication, patience and consistency to achieve it. Some may take 1 month, others can take up to 6 months – it all depends on how severe the baldness is and how fast your scalp responds to treatment. 

Do you want to keep wasting your patience and dedication on products that do not work? Or on a hair regrowth kit concentrated with the 6 best natural plant ingredients tested and proven to grow hair 4X faster than usual?

You need a better solution that is less expensive, free from side effects and doesn’t require you to wait for an indefinite period of time to see visible results.

That’s where our product stands out!

Which Oil Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness
Why our product is better

Here are a list of features in our product that other solutions can’t give you.

We're here to help

Skinol Cosmetics is a registered online brand in Nigeria focused on bringing high quality skincare products that solves a specific skin or beauty problem for Nigerians. Our customers satisfaction is our priority. 

We stand solidly behind every customer, giving them every customer support they need to make sure their skin problems are banished and they get the best value for money spent.

If our hair regrowth kit doesn’t solve balding or receding hair problems for our customers then there is no point being in business.

Our hair regrowth kit really works

If the hair regrowth kit worked for others then, it will definitely work for you! Here are some before and after pictures from the product testing.


watch this:

Firstsun Hair growth intensive spray
Firstsun Hair growth intensive spray

About Our Hair Regrowth Kit in a Nutshell...


By now, I know you can’t wait to lay your hands on our hair regrowth kit and start reviving your lost hair.

Our hair growth kit contains mainly 2 different products which works hand-in-hand to promote fast hair growth.

This kit is clinically tested and proven to regrow hair faster than you think. Combination of the two is da real BOMB!!! The 2 products are:

ATTENTION: This is not the regular hair growth products you buy online!

The kind of benefits you get from our hair regrowth kit is incomparable to any product you find online! We don’t mean to brag here but, our product is the BEST SO FAR for hair loss treatment in Nigeria.

Our product is a game changer in the hair growth niche because it’s combined with every feature you need for fast hair regrowth!


Our product works for hair loss issues like:

Our hair regrowth kit gives you the best value for money spent! Here are a full list of what our kit does for you:


Activates the hair follicles

Regeneration and activation of hair follicles for new hair growth.


Hair Product Absorption

Hair growth spray absorption tool for fast results.


Strong Anti-Dandruff

The Hair Spray fights off dandruff to prevent hair breakage.


Hair retention

Hair retention, reduces hair breakage.


Dense hair growth

Ensures the growth of thick & black hair guaranteed.


Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Collagen Stimulation for healthy scalp, stronger & thicker hair.


Opens up blocked hair follicles

Opens up blocked hair follicles to allow hair regrowth.



In case you don't know, the skin roller is also used for treating other skin problems like acne scars, stretch marks, and old scars.

If our past customers are happy, yours can't be different!

Don’t just hear it from us, hear from our past customers…

Average rating:  
 25 reviews
 by Nkiruka Okafor on Hair Regrowth Kit Customer Reviews
I will recommend this product

Before I started using this product, I already gave up on using topical hair growth products. I was almost depressed coz I wasn’t seeing any result. Then boom!!!! I came across this product online but shrugged it off coz to me, there wasn’t going to be any result anyway. I finally decided to get it and I must say my edges are covered with baby hair.tho it is not yet think but it’s superb I must say. I have used it for six months now. I will recommend this product. It takes lots of patience to see result but it’s worth the wait🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

 by Wilfred Enemali on Hair Regrowth Kit Customer Reviews
Major Breakthrough

I must say that this discovery is a major breakthrough in the age long research for the cure to alepocia. In just a few months of using the derma roller along with the firstsun spray, I have recorded tremendous hair growth on my bald spot. Thank you so much for this innovation.

 by Okafor Goodnews Nkiru on Hair Regrowth Kit Customer Reviews
it’s effective

it’s effective. U will have to use it for like 3 months to see results. I am using it

It works !!!!
from: Osogbo

Great hair kit that actually says what it does, great quality too , thank u

Great product I have seen result in less then a month
from: lagos

I buy these because I had patches in my beard and this product just fixed in les that’s a month an the overall growth is amazing

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How much is it?

Now if you compare our awesome hair regrowth kit to other solutions like hair transplant surgery which costs ₦2,000,000 or the uncomfortable men’s wig that costs about ₦850,000 in Nigeria and other ineffective products you have been wasting money on…

then I would charge you:


Or atleast:


And on top of that make massive sales cos people really need a working solution like ours,

But NO, we want this product to reach everyone in Nigeria who is serious about regrowing their lost hair without them having to break the bank, so the CURRENT PRICES will be:


Bronze Kit

Contains 1 Hair Intensive Spray + 1 Derma Roller
  • Contains 1 hair intensive spray & 1 derma roller
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Payment on delivery
  • Free home delivery
  • 1 month usage

Silver Kit

Contains 2 Hair Intensive Spray + 1 Derma Roller
  • Contains 2 hair intensive spray & 1 derma roller
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Payment on delivery
  • Free home delivery
  • 2 months usage
  • You save ₦3,000

Gold Kit

Contains 4 Hair Intensive Spray + 2 Derma Rollers

  • Contains 4 hair intensive spray & 2 derma rollers
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Payment on delivery
  • Free home delivery
  • 4 months usage
  • X2 of the Silver Kit content
  • Free support and result tracking
  • You save ₦10,000

ATTENTION:: Never use the same micro-needling roller for 2 persons!!

Here is why, the skin roller punctures into your hair scalp so it’s highly unhygienic to share for more than 1 person. So we included the new package below at a discounted rate.

Dual Kit

Contains 2 Hair Intensive Spray + 2 Derma Rollers
  • Contains 2 hair intensive spray & 2 derma rollers
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Payment on delivery
  • Free home delivery
  • Free support
  • You save ₦3,000

Do you know we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee?


Due to the level of confidence & assurance we have in our product and the kind of reviews we get from our past customers, we have the courage to offer you 30 days money back guarantee.

Skinol Cosmetics will refund you your money back 100% if no visible result was seen after 30 days of using our product consistently. 

We are a registered online brand in Nigeria, so your money is fully insured.



As at 13th March 2024, 12:01 AM, we have less than 19 sets of this hair regrowth kit left in stock and this is because this kit is very high in demand now!

The rise in dollar rate and shipping fees will increase the price by 50% when we restock.

So get it now so you don’t get it at a much higher price later. Stop postponing and make hay while the sun shines.

Also baldness doesn’t occur overnight, it starts receding gradually from the frontal hair till your crown is bald and smooth, put a halt to it now!

Available stock live update:

Promo & FREEBIES runs out in:

Promo extends till midnight today, hurry now.

How To Use (for best results)

First use the derma roller. Please use derma roller only 1 – 2 times weekly.

How to use the derma roller for good results

Step 1: Disinfect the micro needles by 75% alcohol or with boiling water and dry it for 15 minutes;

Step 2: Move the roller four times at least in four directions (on bald regions), horizontally, vertically, and diagonally right and left for 5minutes.

Step 3: Then apply the intensive hair spray as instructed below.

Intensive hair spray usage

Step 1: Keep your hair and scalp dry before use.

Step 2: Spray twice a day and 2-5 times on the surface of the hair scalp.

Step 3: Penetrate the hair scalp with a gentle message for 2-3 minutes and wash your hands thoroughly

Step 4: Use 4 bottles continuously for the desirable result.


How the hair regrowth kit works (Guaranteed results)

If you’re looking to see magic results with this product under 7 days, please look elsewhere.

You need to exercise patience with usage to see results, don’t throw our reputation in the mud because you’re impatient.

  • Within 1-2 weeks of consistent usage, you may notice no results at all. Dormant hair follicles are massaged and revived within this period.
  • In 3-4 weeks, you may notice few new hair sprouts. Within this period dead hair follicles are getting revived.
  • In 4-6 weeks, the new hair growths are getting more even and noticeable.
  • 6 weeks above – continue usage till the results you need are achieved. Results are permanent and hair will continue growing even after visiting the barbing salon.

What will be delivered

Watch the live video of our hair regrowth kit which will be delivered to you…

Start rejoicing after ordering for this kit!

I want you to start rejoicing immediately after placing your order for our powerful hair regrowth kit, because you just started the journey to hair regeneration!

In exactly 30 days from now or less you will start seeing new strands of hair on the bald spots or even dark dense hair provided you follow the usage instructions diligently. We are not over-promising you here but this will definitely happen cos we know what we sell.

Also, your new fine hair growth will remain permanent, healthy and glossy. No more breakages and you will also promise to share your review with us to help other skeptical customers make the right decision.

Here is what will happen after placing your order: our customer care rep. will call you to confirm your order, schedule for delivery, give you usage instructions for perfect results and our delivery personnel within your city fulfills your order delivery then you can make payment.

Place your order now before we run out of stock!

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I'm very skeptical of hair growth products I see online these days but I don't know what moved me to give this product from Skinol a trial. And I can say that, so far, it's the best decision I ever made.
Port Harcourt
So far it seems like this product is working. My husband has a receding hair line and before the skin where his hair used to be was smooth but i can actually see little baby hairs.
Great hair kit that actually says what it does, great quality too , thank u

Frequently asked questions

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Our product is 100% natural so no need to fear skin irritations.

0.5mm X 540 Needles

Use the derma roller 1-2 times weekly, and use the hair spray twice daily


Hair doesn’t fall after regrowth, it keeps growing and growing like a normal hair should grow.

Please allow the spray to be absorbed deeply into your scalp. Don’t wash it off.

No, it does not break hair strands. I makes hundreds of tiny puncture points all along the scalp. This does slight damage to the epidermis which tricks your body into sending lots of red blood cells with healing hormones (collagen) to your scalp promoting hair growth

100% FREE shipping, you don’t need to worry about paying for your delivery, we shoulder the logistics expenses just to see you smile😊

Yes of course, you can pay upfront and get it delivered to your location in 3-5 business days especially if you will be travelling and also to secure a product cos it might be out of stock soon.



Send us your payment proof to our WhatsApp line 08116917578 to process your product delivery.

We deliver same day to all major locations in Nigeria where our products are stored (e.g Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Awka, Enugu, Port Harcourt)

It usually takes 1 business day to deliver to locations near our major locations(e.g Imo, Abia, Delta, Ogun e.t.c)

and 2 business days to deliver to areas in far Northern states (e.g Niger, Zamfara, Kaduna, Jos e.t.c)

I understand your trust issues when dealing with an unfamiliar brand online so we offer a 100% payment on delivery.

But please don’t come and kill our business by disappointing us, we spend a lot of money on transportation and logistics just to deliver to you, so please put your money where your mouth is.

If you know you might do something with the money before we deliver, kindly reach us on WhatsApp here to make payment upfront to our company bank account.

We recommend that you use 4 bottles continuously and you can find that in the Gold Hair Regrowth Kit.

Be patient and consistent for about 4-6 months, you will be happy you did in the end.

If you followed all the usage instructions we gave you earlier with dedication then we can guarantee you that within the next 30 days you will see little baby hairs or even little dark hairs on the bald regions.




Are you ready?

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