You will never have to shave again after using this...

You might not believe this, But, there is a new serum in town that gets rid of unwanted hair growth permanently, painlessly, naturally and without any dark spots left behind!

Since it’s arrival on Skinol Cosmetics online store, this serum has helped over 200 men & women get rid of unwanted hair anywhere around their body, you too can join these happy 200+ customers as well.

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After struggling with abnormal hair growth since her teenage, these were the exact words of Mrs. Chioma from Port harcourt after she used our product: 

"So then I decided to try it since I have some bushy hair growing on my chest which didn't look good on me at all as a woman and this serum came to my rescue as advertised. The hair has completely thinned out from just 1 month of usage. Thank you very much for this lifesaver."

Now if you really want to get rid of unwanted hair growth anywhere around your body, stop whatever you’re doing now and…


Having Lots of Hair As a Young Lady is Not Cool...

Trust me I know the kind of bullying women go through because they have beards, hairy chest or have hairy legs. Some are termed as “wicked women” while some others are seen as women who will be beating their husband.

The truth is that is not natural for a woman to be hairy at all. be it in the face, chest, stomach, legs, armpit even in the pubic region sef…

That is why I have taken my time to research and find this particular product that does the perfect job of removing hair permanently – yes permanently! after 2 months of consistent usage you will say goodbye to annoying hair growth forever.

Don’t wait to look hairy like a man before you do something fast!

Or even on your chest...

Okay, imagine going out on an occasion with round curly hairs all over your chest region? Won’t people be scared to talk to you?

This same reason has stopped many women from wearing that sexy outfit to occasions to avoid revealing their chest and scaring away people😭😭

As a woman you really need to groom your self, by making your skin look smooth and hairless. that way you build self confidence and self esteem and be the best version of yourself! And that’s why we are here to help you to that…

No matter what problems you're having with unwanted hair growth, we're here to help

Hair growths in private parts of the body like armpit or pubic regions lead to odour and must be eradicated permanently!

More so, shaving off these hairs with shaving bic can lead to razor bumps, dark spots and bad looking skin texture or even skin infections. 

Don’t do that! The world has evolved, there is now a better product to totally eradicate hair permanently and painlessly with natural ingredients.


Growing hair is natural but having unwanted hair growths isn’t – it looks irritating, unsexy and sometimes lead to body odour (like the armpit & pubic hair).

Allow me to give you a permanent solution NOW!


With this permanent hair growth stopper/inhibitor you don’t have to worry about buying costly hair epilators that cost over ₦100K just to remove hair every month!

No more painful hair plucking.

You don’t have to keep shaving your hair and having razor bumps and pretending nothing is there. use our hair inhibitor spray and say goodbye to unwanted hair growth forever.

Here is why our PANSLY hair inhibitor is the best hair removal solution right now:

How much is it?

At this point I know you can’t wait to get our unique product already and start stopping those annoying hairs from growing back and regain confidence…

Now because of high shipping fees and dollar rate and the huge benefits this product can give you, I could easily charge you...


Or even...

₦20,000 for one

and on top of that make fast sales!! But NO, in the spirit of the festive season, the price will just be a meagre cost of:

Buy 1 Serum For ₦10,000     ₦15,000
Buy 2 Serums For ₦15,000   ₦25,000
Buy 4 Serums For ₦25,000   ₦35,000

And once the countdown timer below hits zero, forget it! the price will go back to ₦15,000, so hurry now while you got the chance…


Our Past Customers are very happy with us!

Don’t just hear it from us, hear it from our past customers who has purchased our hair growth inhibitor serum before

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 10 reviews

This product is a life saver for women with hormonal imbalance hair growth. I use an epillator every other day on my facial hair and ingrown hairs were getting unbearable to deal with. This hair inhibitor helped to thin the hairs and slow down the growth within just a couple weeks. Stop debating, just buy it.

Thanks for your review Ifunanya, we really appreciate.

I like it

I love it

Product works!!!! I mean REALLY works!!!

This product is beyond believable!!! I’m over 30yrs old & have struggled with hormonal hair growth since I was in secondary school. the hair inhibitor really works just make sure you pluck or shave the hair before use.

thanks for your kind words Shola.

Is Okay

I am excited to see the results of this product. I have only been using it for about a week now. It's very easy to use; I just spray on the area, then rub it in. The scent is very nice and light. Thank you for the fast shipping!

Its working

I've only been using it for about a week but I do notice hair is growing back thinner and slower than before. I'm going to keep using it for a full month for more results.

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Even from our WhatsApp channel, we're getting many positive feedback...

4.8 out of 5 stars
Customer Review From Our WhatsApp Channel

Chioma Okoro

So then I decided to try it since I have some bushy hair growing on my chest which didn't look good on me at all as a woman and this spray came to my rescue as advertised. The hair has completely thinned out from just 1 month of usage. Thank you very much for this lifesaver.

Chioma – Port Harcourt

Customer Review From Our WhatsApp Channel

How about I offer you a 30-day Money Back Guarantee?


Due to the positive reviews we’re getting from our customers, we have mustered so much confidence to give you a 30-day money back guarantee. Trust me, I’m not joking, Skinol Cosmetics will refund you your money back 100% if your hair keeps growing back like before after 30 days without asking too much questions.

Here is my number, Call/Whatsapp 08116917578 cos I know you will come back to buy more of our products. We are over confident our products works, na we dey here!!!

Frequently asked questions

I understand your trust issues when dealing with an unfamiliar brand online so we offer a 100% payment on delivery.

But please don’t come and kill our business by disappointing us, we spend a lot of money on transportation and logistics just to deliver to you, so please put your money where your mouth is.

If you know you might do something with the money before we deliver, kindly reach us on WhatsApp here to make payment upfront to our company bank account.

100% FREE shipping, you don’t need to worry about paying for your delivery, we shoulder the logistics expenses just to see you smile😊

Yes of course, you can pay upfront and get it delivered to your location in 3-5 business days especially if you will be travelling and also to secure a product cos it might be out of stock soon.



Send us your payment proof to our WhatsApp line 08116917578 to process your product delivery.

Our product is 100% natural so no need to fear skin irritations.

Simply place your order, then we deliver to your address within 1-3 days then you can make payment upon delivery.

We deliver same day to all major locations in Nigeria where our products are stored (e.g Lagos, Abuja, Onitsha, Awka, Enugu, Port Harcourt)

It usually takes 1 business day to deliver to locations near our major locations(e.g Imo, Abia, Delta, Ogun e.t.c)

and 2 business days to deliver to areas in far Northern states (e.g Niger, Zamfara, Kaduna, Jos e.t.c)

What to expect

Watch the live video of our hair inhibitor serum product which will be delivered to you…

How to Use

Just use this serum like this to totally eradicate unwanted hair:

  1. Shave off the hair or pluck it out.
  2. Spray the hair inhibitor on the regions morning and evening and rub it well with your palm.
  3. Do this consistently for 58 days to permanently stop hair growth.
  4. Results starts showing clearly within 7 days of use.

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Available stock live update:

Considering the price of dollar, shipping, clearing and forwarding charges, I can easily charge you ₦20,000 for one because of how effective and highly demanded this product is, and also adding to the fact that it is a foreign product.

But Skinol Cosmetics is subsidizing the price of this product so it can reach everyone. 

So order now while you have the chance, we’re running out of stock and once the timer hits zero the price goes back to ₦15,000.


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